Lucius Varius Rufus

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Lucius Varius Rufus (c. 74 – 14 BC) was a Roman poet of the early Augustan age.


  • Tene magis salvum populus velit an populum tu?
    servet in ambiguo, qui consulit et tibi et Urbi, Iuppiter.
    • May Jove, who watches with the same good-will
      O'er you and Rome, preserve the secret still,
      Whether the heart within you beats more true
      To Rome and to her sons, or theirs to you!
    • From Panegyricus Augusti, quoted by Horace, Epistles, I, xvi, 27; John Conington, Satires, Epistles and Ars Poëtica (1869); see also: Norbert Guterman, A Book of Latin Quotations (1966), p. 118
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