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Lucy Fry (2017)

Lucy Elizabeth Fry (13 March 1992 –) is an Australian actress.


  • Unfortunately, it’s ingrained in much of our culture to want to be skinny and be a certain size. When I was in a series where I had to fit into a tight costume for six months, I remember doing all sorts of things to keep my hips from getting wider. It was excruciating. Even in high school, I remember having these ideas about how to stay really small and how I was being cruel to myself. It’s awful how accepted this is in our culture. I wasn’t consciously aware of how destructive I was being.
  • That’s one thing that’s important about the horror genre is that it gives people a chance to release. If you’re feeling anger or if you’re full of fear and if you watch horror, it gives you a chance to let that out. Maybe it’s getting more popular because we’re all going a little bit crazy and we need to release it somehow. Maybe this is a way to get a look at it and be cleansed by it.
  • Whether my characters are human, elf, or vampire, their energies are always completely different. No matter what genre it is, I get to know my characters gently and respectfully, so they can show me the way in. You might think that playing fantastical characters takes more imagination, but I don’t feel that way. To me, every character requires the same depth of imagination to build a true inner life.

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