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Lucy Quist at the UK-Africa Investment Summit 2020

Lucy Quist née Afriyie, (born c. 1974) is a Ghanaian-British business and technology executive.


  • My values of authenticity and originality align with Vlisco’s brand personality. It is an honour to join the league of Dr Mrs Ellen Hagan; Eugenia Tachie-Menson; Elizabeth Akua-Nyarko Patterson; Regina Honu; Edith Uyovbukerhi and Yawa Hansen-Quao, who I am taking over from as Brand Ambassador. It is exciting to be recognised for the work we do and what we stand for as women. I look forward to shaping the future of this nation with my experience under the umbrella of the Vlisco brand.
  • Young people are demonstrating their creativity, leadership, and desire to lead the change that our continent (Africa) desperately needs. They want an opportunity to come together in a way that allows them to think, share and co-create solutions to the problems such as youth unemployment, building scalable enterprises and driving systemic change in their countries.
  • You live in a connected world where your competition is not the guy sitting next to you, for you the human factor or your competition could be someone sitting in Canada, the UK or Australia. The human factor is bridged and access to a job is no longer dependent on location. Increasingly you will find people who are able to do your job remotely. That is a real fact and challenge which means over time your career will face competitive pressure that is not local.
  • Some of the jobs we have today will be eroded, sometimes by technology but mostly by someone else who has found a more efficient way of doing and delivering it over the internet. Globally, people are paying attention to trends including skillsets required for jobs in Africa in the next decade. You cannot afford to be left out of this conversation. As young people, you need to position yourselves to take advantage of the current and future opportunities by staying relevant and informed.
  • I am ... proud of the fact that over the years, I have been able to demonstrate to Ghana and the world that leadership is not a function of gender. I believe that black women, African women, are able to lead big businesses.
  • Despite what you may read, our world is not progressing quickly enough on critical issues of economic equity, environmental protection and the assurance of peace. It's as though, for all our smarts, we cannot accept each other as worthy of the basics of human lives around the globe; the excess of a few sometimes comes at the expense of many.
  • Instead of waiting to be given the opportunity to be relevant, women need to assert and claim their place in the Tech industry by equipping themselves with knowledge about the industry, being exceptionally great at what they do and even greater when it comes to soft skills such as communications and human relations.
  • For a long time, we (society) have given the tech industry an image women do not wish to be part of. Technology has been given a masculine face and attitude. First everyone expects males to be dominant in this field, then when a woman turns up, she is still expected to be masculine.
  • We need to support, empower and encourage more women and girls into the field (technology). I have seen and met with some of the amazing young women in Tech and I am very confident the great work they are doing will inspire even more young women and girls into the field.
  • I dedicate this (award) to every African child who dares to dream. Dream big, discern the voices that are for you, stay focused and enjoy the journey. The award is a testimony that the dream of every child in Africa is achievable.
  • I see football and sport in general but particularly today football as an extremely important part of our development as individuals and our development as a nation. Sport is about development, it is about skill, it is about commitment, it is about dedication, it is about the tenacity to win against the odds, it is about the willingness to say that I will go the extra mile, even though at this point in time, I am exhausted, I am tired, my muscles are aching and I have a team counting on me and more importantly in their case I have a nation counting on me.
  • Empowering young people through STEM is one of the surest ways to guarantee a better future for them, our country and continent. STEM inspires curiosity in young people and empowers them to be problem solvers and innovators. These skill sets are critical for success in any profession.
  • I think every reformation or transformation project is a change project, isn't it? When you are managing change, the levels of challenges are varied, but I think the most important aspect of change which can become a challenge that needs to be managed upfront is that ultimately change affects people and we need to take people on a journey with us so that we embrace the fact that we change together.
  • ICT and telecoms bring lots of convenience to people. It powers dreams and shapes aspirations. It connects family, friends and colleagues to collectively deliver extraordinary outcomes. For those who know me well in the industry, they will tell you that mt resolve is to better the lives of women, children and the less-privileged in society through Technology. I look forward to the day when together, we will make Ghana the technology hub of Africa for talents and breakthrough innovations that will transform the continent.
  • Today, football has become an extremely important part of our development as individuals and our development as a nation (Ghana). Sports is about development, it is about skill, it is about commitment, it is about dedication, it is about the tenacity to win against the odds, it is about the willingness to say that I will go the extra mile. There is so much more to it and we collectively should leverage football to drive our country (Ghana) forward because it is one of the few things that we all agree on.
  • Whatever you do, whatever the situation, continue trying something new, new ideas, location, opportunities; but whatever it is, please try. If it works, you learn from it. Life is full of taking risks, learning and making progress.
  • “even in leadership positions, many women are still treated as less-worthy peers. They are expected to be grateful for their inclusion, as though they did not work even harder than their male counterparts to get there. They are spoken to as subordinates by less qualified colleagues. Their ideas are discredited until those same ideas are articulated by a male colleague and then, suddenly, they are seen as the best ideas.”[1]

Quotes about Quist

  • Lucy is a trailblazer, a woman in leadership; fashionable and inspiring. She represents a queen, a change maker, a leader who inspire and she is our Ambassador who will help project the diversity and equality messages.
    • Fatoumata Doro, [2],, 18 July 2022.
  • Lucy is acclaimed for her selfless drive to mentor the next generation of leaders to create sustainable outcomes. Her commitment and devotion to mentoring young people on several platforms can be seen in her very successful launch of Evolve with STEM - an initiative to transform mindsets and inspire young people to embrace Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics.
    • [3], Ghana Web, 2 June 2016.
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