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MC Eiht, 2020

Aaron Tyler (May 22, 1971) better known by his stage name MC Eiht (pronounced MC Eight), is an American rapper and actor. Many of his songs are altered in his life at Compton. He is the de facto leader of West Coast hip hop group Compton's Most Wanted, which also includes rappers Boom Bam, The Unknown DJ, Tha Chill, DJ Mike T, DJ Slip, and Ant Capone. He is also known for his role as A-Wax in the 1993 film Menace II Society, as well as playing the character Ryder in the 2004 video game Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas.

  • Interviewed in the mid-1990s, Richard Price, author of the novel Clockers and, with Spike Lee, co-author of the screenplay for its film adaptation, addresses the social basis on which young black people are represented in the film:
    • The reality is these kids don't give a shit about things like attacking their own people. They don't think of themselves as political or sociological... They're thinking about how to make themselves visible. Besides, they're teenagers, and teenagers think about nothing but themselves, not whether they are black, white, rich or poor. But there is substantial evidence that contradicts Price's notion of black youth, identity, and collective cultural consciousness. In practice, prevailing institutional forces make it difficult for many black and Latino teenagers to ignore their racial or class-based status. This is clear, for example, in Mike Davis's detailed descriptions of racist curfew enforcement practices by the Los Angeles Police Department and policing. space of "sumptuous playgrounds, beaches and entertainment centers" which have as a result become virtual no-go areas for young black people.
  • I wouldn’t say it was on a negative — back in the days, when I was having my little spat with Quik — this is way before we got cool […] Back in my heyday, I was a Crip; he was a Blood. Suge and them was Bloods. That was just the nature of Compton.
  • He told me to pull over and a couple of dudes walked up on my car, and he just wanted to tell me as far as the situation that was going down with me and Quik, the affiliations, it wouldn’t be trickled over into my mom’s place of residence.
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