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Mabel Oboh in 2017

Mabel Akomu Oboh (18 April 1964), popularly known as Mabel Oboh, is a Nigerian broadcaster, actress, film producer and founder of the Mabeloboh Center For Save Our Stars.


  • I believe they chose me for my position believing I can deliver. I have always been the people’s woman. I care for the poor and the needy as they need a voice.
  • I joined the African Democratic Congress because of their ideology at a time when everything in me resisted politics. I couldn’t help but notice the political instability that was going on in Nigeria and in Edo State, hence my decision to join the ADC. For me, it was the only credible alternative.
  • I have no godfather; I do not believe in ‘godfatherism’. It must be said that ‘godfatherism’ is like ‘cultism’ and self enslavement for life. I will not wish that on my worst enemy.
  • I am someone that long for happiness. Happiness means a lot to me and I am not interested in financial gains. It means absolutely nothing to me. We must work hard to survive and that is what we must do. One cannot buy happiness and I am grateful that I have that happiness today.
  • I have always been passionate about the needy. If we all could reach out to the needy by contributing our own quota, then our country will be a better place.
  • I am not a feminist. I believe that God created men and women to complement each other. Women need to be motivated. And that support is prime on my agenda. Women are the ones that give birth to the men in the first place so if we think that they are not giving us equal opportunities then, let us change the way we nurture them. In other words, it is time to work together as women. Hard work is what has gotten me to this stage in my life and women should emulate that.
  • Let me get something clear, helping people is not all about handing out alms to them but also creating opportunities for them to feed themselves and others while creating an environment where they could unlock their innate gifts and potentials and that is why I shall remain committed to the poor masses no matter what happens.
  • I believe that if you want to succeed in anything that you do, it does not come easy. I embrace challenges very well and my mindset is that I do not want anything to stop me.
  • In carrying out duties, gender should not play a role and I do say that to women as a form of encouragement because sometimes you find that women could be self-defeatist.
  • I think a lot of women feel that they cannot do it because it is a male-dominated space, but I think that you will need to go and prove yourself. I have that attitude right from time and anywhere I go, I stand out. I say to women, when you are getting it tough, please do not use your gender because from my experience, men do appreciate women that strive in their walks of life.
  • My interest will involve encouraging Nigerian and foreign charity organisations to help raise funds for the needy, most especially, Nigerian showbiz stars who are dying of curable and manageable ailments due to lack of funds
  • The health insurance scheme has done perfectly well in the past six months. I am so proud to say that it’s working. The insurance scheme was designed to stop our entertainers from going cap in hand to beg for financial assistance whenever they are down with one ailment or the other, and in case of emergence, they can be treated in other words to stop all the sudden deaths in the entertainment industry.
  • There is poverty in the entertainment industry and it’s time to say, ‘talent is not enough.’ We need to acquire skills to complement with whatever talent we have.
  • Men will always want to approach you because they see your face on TV. So, because you see my face regularly on TV, you want to approach me? That aspect I didn’t like
  • There is a lot of stress in entertainment and that stress pushes people to alcoholism and drug abuse. It’s a lifestyle that is rampart not only in Nigeria but also around the world. Because they don’t really recognise that showbiz is showbiz, they get carried away with the glamour of it. And before you know it, you get older and they push you aside and forget about you.
  • My ideal man will be a humanitarian. I am not really into if somebody is rich or poor. But he has to be kind hearted. The way he treats other people matters, it’s not whether he is handsome or not. What trips me in men is the heart. He must be a kind and generous man – not necessarily kind and generous to me, because that may be pretentious. I will watch the way he treats other people. If you are nice to other people, I know you have a good heart, and then I can get attracted to you.
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