Macedonio Fernández

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Macedonio Fernández

Macedonio Fernández (1 June 1874 – 10 February 1952) was an Argentine writer, humorist and philosopher. His writings included novels, stories, poetry, journalism, and works not easily classified.


  • Todo se ha escrito, todo se ha dicho, todo se ha hecho,
    oyó Dios que le decían y aún no había creado el mundo,
    todavía no había nada. También eso ya me lo han dicho,
    repuso quizá desde la vieja, hendida Nada. Y comenzó.
    • translation:
  • Everything has been written, everything has been said,
    everything has been made: that's what God heard
    before creating the world, when there was nothing yet. I
    have also heard that one, he may have answered from
    the old, split Nothingness. And then he began.

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