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Made in Abyss is an anime based on the manga series of the same name by Akihito Tsukushi.


  • Dreams are stronger than poison and seize more firmly than disease, once captured one can not escape. It's a real curse, but for adventurers who are dedicated to it, body and soul, people without dreams are more frightening than death
  • Longing siezes people more powerfully than poison and more deeply than illness. Once it catches hold of you, there is absolutely no escape. This is quite a "curse," and yet the adventurers all willingly devote themselves to its pursuit. For them, a life without longing is more terrifying than death itself.


  • I want to become a White Whistle soon so I can catch up to my mother...and explore the places she went.


  • Irredeemable!


  • Nnnaaa...
  • nnnnaaaa
  • nnaaaaaaaaa.. /////////
  • Thank you Mitty, for pulling Reg's Treasure up out of that place


  • (desribing Lyza) A heavy drinker, quick to get into fights, always going too far with pranks, and you could never tell how honest she was being. On top of that, she had a brutally unbalanced diet. If she weren't a whistle, she would just be a regular weirdo...Really, she was quite a handful.


  • (to Ozen) That wound proves that your mind has repelled the Abyss. An undeniable proof. Ozen the Immovable. An actual white whistle. Hey, would you be my mentor?
  • (to Ozen) Ozen. If she [Riko] ever wanted to reach the bottom again and confronted you. I want you to tell her. Tell her what a miracle it is that she can move. Teach her how to brave the wonderful adventures waiting for her afterwards.


  • (to Riko and Reg) I am Bondrewd. Delver of the Abyss. The Lord of Dawn, as some people call me.
  • You're saying as if a family can only be made with blood relations. I do not think that is the case. A compassionate heart is what makes people a family. Blood does not help much in that regard. Love. It's love, Nanachi.
  • (to Nanachi) May your journey overflow with curses and blessing.