Madea Goes to Jail

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Judge Mablean- There's nothin yu can do. She's going to jail this time !

Brian- (Unsure) I don't know about that.

Judge Mablean- And why not ?

Linda- Apparently your Honor , our officers forgot to mirandize her.

Madea- I was waiting for Miranda to come in and nobody came in there ! I was waiting for her. That's right. Ain't nobody miranda me, Miranda wasn't even in the room.


Woman- NOOOO !!! Are you INSANE ?!

Madea- ( Driving a forklift with the woman's red convertible in the forklift's arms ) Didn't I tell you that was my parkin' spot ? And you gonna jump in front of me and take my damn parkin' spot ?!

Woman- Are you insane ? Put my car down !

Madea- (Smiles ) Okay , I'ma put it down for ya .

Woman- Old woman , put my car down NOW !

Madea- ( Grins evilly ) Okay.

The forklift tips over the red vehicle as it was carelessly dropped to the ground as everyone gasps , clamors , and guffaws ; The woman looks in total shock with her mouth gaped open as Madea , on the other hand , laughs in a mocking and a scornful way. However , the woman throws a hissy fit like a spoiled 6 year old .

Woman- ( Takes her phone out and dials a number ) My husband is a poice officer ! And he is on his way here , RIGHT NOW !

As she hold the phone to her ear , Madea exits the forklift and makes a run for her car.

Madea- I ain't scared of no po-po . Call the po-po , ho ! Call the po-po ! ( Slides off her hood and opens the driver door )


Brown- You look bad. You look like you've been doing hard time

Madea- ( smokes ) If you come up to me ,I'ma cut 'er.

Cora- You did ?

Madea- Yeah. That,s what I did. They got womens up here with danglers , and I cut her right off.

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