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Madhouse is a 1974 film about a horror movie star who returns to his famous role after years in a mental institution.

Directed by Jim Clark. Written by Greg Morrison and Ken Levison, based on the novel Devilday by Angus Hall.
Lights, Camera, Murder!  (taglines)

Paul Toombes[edit]

  • Miss Peters, as they say in horror movies, you will come to a bad end.
  • Everybody thinks I'm dead, including myself.
  • Now I must play the final scene, the death of Dr Death!

Oliver Quayle[edit]

  • Well, that's Hollywood for you, sweetheart. He's on the make. She's on the take.

Faye Carstairs Flay[edit]

  • I used to laugh at the stories of women that got beat up for the hell of it. But the stories were true, Paul. Only this time, they got scared, they set the car on fire and rolled it down a hill. And when I came up, I wasn't pretty anymore.


Oliver Quayle: I don't make that cheap crap any more. I'm in television now.
Paul Toombes: Television? I thought that was a family medium.

Herbert Flay: But you're dead. You're dead!
Paul Toombes: Why did you do it, my friend? You killed Ellen... and all of the others, too. You wanted everybody to think that it was me. Why, Herbert? Why did you want to destroy me? You love Dr. Death.


  • Lights, Camera, Murder!
  • If Stark Terror Were Ecstasy... living here would be sheer bliss!


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