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Magadeline Lesolobe (born 18 December 1983), best known by her stage name Charma Gal, is a Botswana singer-songwriter. Charma Gal was born in Botswana in a small village called Lerala Lerala. She was married to Kabelo Mogwe, but the two later divorced in 2016.After a brutal fight with her former inlaws. [1] Charma Gal is a mother of two.[2]Charma Gal is one of the founding members of the group Culture Spears, which was founded in 2005. She left the group to form her own group, called Eke Ntolo, which has released seven albums.


  • What happens on stage remains on stage and what happens at home is different. We know how to differentiate the two.[citation needed]
  • The music business is very tricky in that you need someone who understands the pressures that come with the business.
  • We should not act like politicians. In fact, politicians appear to fight in public yet work together in the background and fool the people into fighting. As musicians, if we are to fight, let us battles on stage through music.
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