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Maggie and the Ferocious Beast is a Canadian animated children's television series created by Michael and Betty Paraskevas. The program was based on the 1996 book The Ferocious Beast with the Polka-Dot Hide and its sequels, all of which were also written by the Paraskevases.

The show began as a series of shorts aired on the Canadian channel Teletoon in 1998. The first full length episode premiered on August 26, 2000.

Theme song[edit]

[The theme song starts with Maggie's map. Maggie colors the last of Beast's spots and the map begin to shake. The birds fly out of the map and Beast comes to life]
Maggie: ♪ Maggie and the Ferocious Beast in Nowhere Land ♪
♪ To Nowhere Land ♪
♪ Come along if you can. ♪
[Hamilton pops out of his box]
Maggie: ♪ Hey ho, ♪
♪ Come on, let's go ♪
♪ To Nowhere Land. ♪
[Hamilton fell out of his box and Maggie helps him get up]
Maggie: ♪ With Maggie and the Ferocious Beast. ♪
Beast: [off-screen] Great googly moogly!


My One and Only Box / Spot the Spot / Recipe for Trouble[edit]

Maggie: 1.
Hamilton: 2.
Maggie: 3.
Hamilton: 4.
[Maggie sees one look of Beast's stomach and thinks for a while]
Maggie: [sticks her tongue out] Hmm.
[Maggie touches Beast's stomach and tickles him. Beast bursts out a laugh and Maggie also laughs in joy. Hamilton walks to Maggie that she should continue to count]
Hamilton: [to Maggie that she could keep counting] Four, Maggie.
Maggie: [laughing; to Hamilton] Just a second, Hamilton.
[Maggie tickles Beast once more as Beast let's out a big laugh]
Maggie: [laughing] Five.
[Beast keeps laughing as Maggie tickles him]

The Lemonade Stand / Walk the Walk / What's in a Laugh?[edit]

Pack Up Your Troubles / Rub a Dub Dub / The Big Carrot[edit]

Out of Water Beast / Rain, Rain, Come and Stay! / Hamilton the Ham[edit]

This Little Pig / Hide and Go Beast/ One, Two, Three[edit]

What's In The Bag? / Beastly Picture / The Push-Me Popper[edit]

Sun Spots / Say Cheese / Sailing Away[edit]

Maggie: [sighs] Aren't you two ready yet?
Hamilton: [pops out of his box; to Maggie] I'm still packing!
Maggie: But we're just going to the beach.
Hamilton: Well, I don't want to forget anything! [went back inside]
Beast: [to Hamilton] Remember to pack my sunglasses, and my sandals, and my favourite blue towel, oh, and my pail and...
Maggie: [snapped] THAT'S ENOUGH! Come on, let's go!
Hamilton: [comes out of his box carrying his green bag and umbrella] All right, all right! [throws the bag and it lands on Beast's back] I'm ready.
[Hamilton puts his umbrella on Beast and climbs up. He gets his umbrella and Beast turns to a different direction. Maggie hops on Beast and she's also ready]
Maggie: To the beach!
Beast and Hamilton: To the beach!
[The trio leaves Hamilton's box and they all head to the beach]

[When they got to the beach; Maggie plants the umbrella and puts it on this spot. Hamilton, however got the green towel out of the bag and puts it on the sandy beach. He gets out a bottle of sunscreen and squirts it on his hand. Hamilton puts some sunscreen on and so does Maggie]
Beast: [runs to the water] I'm going in!
[Two seagulls are playing volleyball until they see Beast coming. They quickly flew away before Beast crashes into them. Beast jumps in to the water]
Maggie: [to Beast] Don't forget to put on some sun block!
Beast: I don't like that stuff. It smells funny.
Maggie: But you should still put it on! [holds the sunscreen bottle]
Beast: I will after I swim, okay?
Maggie: Okay, but don't forget.

Hamilton's Pet / Slooow Motion / The Big Duck[edit]

Flim-Flam-A Fiddle / A Beastly Garden / Spring Cleaning[edit]

Beast: [sees one of his spots stuck in Hamilton's vacuum cleaner] My spot!
Hamilton: My vacuum cleaner!
Maggie: [covering her ears] My ears!

Three Little Ghosts / The King of Nowhere Land / The Big Scare[edit]

Mr. Shivers / Nap Time / Up, Up, and Away[edit]

Louder! Louder! / Once Upon a Time / Maggie the Mommy[edit]

Hamilton's Box Car / Happy Birthday to All of Us / The Really Big Show[edit]

Beast: [sees Maggie coming] Oh, good, here's Maggie (right now). Now we can go to the beach. [waves to Maggie] Hi, Maggie!
Maggie: [arrives carrying a picnic basket] Hi, Beast! Where's Hamilton? [hears a squeaking sound] And what's that noise?
Beast: [shows Maggie the direction to where Hamilton is] He's over there. [a sawing noise is heard off-screen] And he doesn't want to be distributed.
Hamilton: [off-screen] Hi, Maggie! [on-screen holing a hammer] I'm making something.
Maggie: May I see it?
Hamilton: [rushes to tell his friends that it's a surprise because they can't spoil it] No, no! Don't come over here! It's a surprise! [went back to work]
Maggie: Do you know what it is, Beast?
Beast: [yawns] No! He's been back there all day. He won't tell me what's he doing, and he won't let me see anything.
Maggie: [calls out to Hamilton] Come on, Hamilton! Show us what you're making!
Hamilton: [off-screen] In a minute! [finishes his surprise off-screen] All right. Get ready. Here I come! [on-screen arrives with his box car] Vroom! [drives his box car] Hoo-whee!
Beast: [seeing Hamilton driving his box car] Great googly moogly.
Hamilton: [stops his box car] Well, what do you think?
Maggie: Gee, Hamilton, it's beautiful!
Hamilton: Beast, what do you think?
Beast: It's very nice.
Maggie: May I drive it?
Hamilton: Maybe someday, but right now I'm still breaking it in.
Maggie: Oh, all right. [walks away]

[when Maggie and Beast got to the beach, Beast doesn't see Hamilton with his box car just yet]
Beast: I don't see Hamilton.
Maggie: [hops off Beast's back] He's probably still driving. [takes off her clothes] Come on!
[Maggie takes off her yellow shirt revealing her bathing suit. She laughs for joy and starts taking off her shoes and socks]
Maggie: [laughing as she runs to the water] Whee!
[Beast looks at two directions and went into the water to join with Maggie]

Voice cast[edit]

  • Kristen Bone as Maggie.
  • Stephen Ouimette as Beast.
  • Michael Caruana as Hamilton Hocks.

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