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Magic Knight Rayearth (魔法騎士レイアース, Majikku Naito Reiāsu) is a fantasy adventure anime based on the manga of the same name by the all-female artist team CLAMP. It follows three 14-year-old middle-school girls named Hikaru Shidou, Umi Ryuuzaki, and Fuu Hououji, as they get whisked away to a magical realm known as Cephiro while on a field trip to Tokyo Tower. Then, a mage named Clef tells them that they were chosen by Princess Emeraude, the Pillar of Cephiro, to become three legendary warriors known as the Magic Knights, destined to save Cephiro from its destruction. Clef then gives the girls magical powers for them to use in their battle to rescue Emeraude from High Priest Zagato, and before they could fight him, they have to find and awaken the three Rune Gods in order to become true Magic Knights. Guided by the spirit creature Mokona, our heroines set out to fulfill their destinies to become the Magic Knights so they can defeat Zagato, rescue Princess Emeraude, save Cephiro, and finally return home to Tokyo.

Season One[edit]

The Birth of the Legendary Magic Knights[edit]

Classmate #1: I can't believe that they chose Tokyo Tower for our social studies field trip. Our school is really weird.
Classmate #2: We're not exactly in grade school anymore.
Classmate #1: Don't you think so too, Hikaru?
Hikaru: (chuckles) We're so high up! Don't you think it's totally cool?? It's so exciting that they would bring us to a place like this for our field trip, huh?
Classmate #1: She's excited. (Hikaru screams) What's wrong, Hikaru?!
Hikaru: The binoculars ran out.
(Her classmates faint)

Umi: My name is Umi Ryuuzaki. Junior high, 8th grade.
Fuu: I am Fuu Hououji. Also in junior high, 8th grade.
Hikaru: Hikaru Shidou! 14 years old, 8th grade!
Umi & Fuu: What?!
Umi: You mean to say that you're the same age as me?! I thought you were still in grade school.
Fuu: I am so sorry. I thought so, too. (Hikaru growls)
Umi: I mean, you don't look a day over 11!

Umi: (pulls Clef's cape) Who do you think you are anyway? You look even younger than us!
Clef: Get offa me! Lemme go! (hits Umi)
Umi: Ugh!
Clef: (thinking) Really. What was the princess thinking when she summoned such children?

Hikaru: I can use magic?
Clef: If you cast a spell. Do exactly as I do.
Umi: What is that? Is it a children's dance?

Presea, the Master Smith in the Forest of Silence[edit]

Presea: Don't you know how to do anything?! Just close your eyes and think real hard!

The Mysterious, Handsome Swordsman, Ferio[edit]

Umi: Thank you, but we do not require the service of an escort. The food is yours to keep, so please leave us alone.
Ferio: To think that one so good-looking walks around unescorted.
Umi: Did you say "good-looking?" (giddily looks into a mirror)
Ferio: It's dangerous for someone so beautiful to walk around these parts with no bodyguard.
Umi: He said "beautiful!" That's total! And complete honesty! Fuu, do you think we can hire this guy?

Alcyone, the Vengeful Sorceress[edit]

(A monster turns to Hikaru, Umi, and Fuu, who are trapped in a net after Hikaru kicks the beast)
Umi: See there? Now you've gone and made it angry!
Hikaru: Yeah, but that girl would have been killed if I hadn't done that!
Fuu: I'm sure that this monster was angry to begin with.

Escudo, the Legendary Ore[edit]

Lives at Stake - Presea's Weapons[edit]

Ferio in Desperation - A Romance in the Desert[edit]

Umi: Isn't that the orb that Ferio gave you and said could make wishes come true?
Fuu: Yeah.
Umi: Has your wish come true?
Fuu: Well, not yet.
Umi: Oh, come on now! Surely you have to try something like that out just as soon as you get it! Can I try it for you? Huh? Can I? Oh, pleeease? Can I? Can I? Can I? Can I? Can I? (Fuu gives Umi the orb. Umi squeals in excitement. Then clears her throat) My wish is we go back to Tokyo soon. And I also wish that I will win the fencing tournament!
Fuu: Could this possibly be the same fencing tournament that you said was one week away on the day we were all summoned to Cephiro?
Umi: Of course!
Hikaru: (counts with her fingers) Umi, hasn't it been over a week since we came to Cephiro?
Umi: What are you talking about? Cephiro is the land of the will! That means time will slow down on our world if I simply will it to be so!
Fuu: When Ms. Umi says so, it feels like it will really happen.
Hikaru: Yeah...
Umi: So? Hikaru, it's time for you to make a wish too! Okay?
Hikaru: (takes orb) Okay. (takes a deep breath) I WANNA SEE HIKARIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII!!!!! (Fuu and Mokona are literally blown away while Umi keeps firm)
Umi: (puffs) I thought you were gonna blow my ears completely off my head!
Hikaru: I'm sorry.
Umi: So who's Hikari? Your brother, maybe? Huh?
Hikaru: No! Hikari is my doggie! (Umi faints)

Umi: Why did Fuu's weapon evolve after she did something so reckless!? Oh, this is so unfair! If it grows after you do something reckless, every Kamikaze car driver would become a Magic Knight!

The Horrible Trap of Summoner Ascot[edit]

(Mokona lies on the ground, stampeded by small panicked animals)
Fuu: It would appear that...
Umi: Yeah?
Fuu: Mokona has become somewhat dizzy.
Umi: Well that's a little obvious, isn't it?!
(Hikaru sighs while Fuu nervously chuckles)

Umi: (about the forest path) Hikaru, don't you think it's scary?
Hikaru: Scary? Hmm... (chuckles) Not at all!
(Umi and Fuu clutch their temples)
Fuu: (sighs) Oh, we shouldn't've asked.
Umi: Wouldn't it be nice if we could all have as much energy and strength as Hikaru does?

The Magic Knights' Greatest Crisis[edit]

Umi: You know, you really shouldn't be so persistent. It could get really annoying.
Alcyone: What did you say!?

Revival of Selece, the Legendary Rune-God[edit]

Umi: (To Mokona) Are you telling us we should get on this thing?
Fuu: My! You understand everything that Sir Mokona says, Miss Umi.
Umi: If Mokona told us to eat it, even a normally calm person like me might get a touch upset.

The Legend of the Rune-Gods - In Cephiro, Another World[edit]

Ferio: When Cephiro faces times of crisis, Magic Knights come from another world. Wielding swords of Escudo, they revive the three Rune Gods and become Magic Knights.

Hikaru: (about the group's flying transport) I wonder where this is taking us?
Umi: Oh, I'm sure it's taking us where Princess Emeraude is being held captive.
Mokona: (shakes his head no) Pu pu pu puuuu!
Umi: So we can return to Tokyo any day now!
Fuu: That theory simply does not sound correct, Miss Umi. We first have to rescue Princess Emeraude, then we must save Cephiro.
Umi: Do you really have to sound like my English teacher?

The Fearsome Illusionist Caldina[edit]

The Most Valuable Thing in this World[edit]

Caldina: You'd risk your life for a couple chicks you just met? You nuts?!
Fuu: Time is of little consequence to the heart. Even if our time together has been brief... and even if I know only a little bit about them... it only means I have more to look forward to in our friendship. My heart knows this—I want to fight with them.

Hikaru, Umi, and Fuu's Unyielding Wish[edit]

Fuu: A map display! It's like a video game.
Umi: Legendary Magic Knights. Armor and weapons that evolve. It really does seem like we are in some kind of role-playing game.
Fuu: Rescue the princess and save the world from destruction. This is actually a rather familiar story, don't you think?
Umi: Yeah, but this is reality.
Hikaru: Indeed it is.
Mokona: Pu pu....
Umi: So, Mokona, if you could pull out a map like that, why in the world didn't you do it from the very beginning?
Mokona: Pu pu pu pu pu pu pu!
Umi: You just didn't wanna pull it out!?
Hikaru: Hey, Umi, what's a role-playing game?
Umi: Huh?
Fuu: Are you serious, Ms. Hikaru?
Hikaru: Yeah.
Fuu: What about video games, then?
Hikaru: Never played one.
Fuu: Not even once?
Hikaru: No.
Umi: Hikaru, do you have any brothers or sisters?
Hikaru: I have three brothers.
Umi: And nobody plays video games?
Hikaru: My family runs a kendo school. So I take lessons with the students and help out cleaning up the school with them.
Umi: Oh, that explains it. Hanging around with three brothers must be where your tomboy spirit comes from.
Fuu: So you practice kendo, Ms. Hikaru? I am on the archery team at my school.
Hikaru: I'd love to see you in your archery team uniform, Fuu.
Fuu: We got a big match coming up. It would be wonderful if you'd come.
Hikaru: Could I?
Fuu: Of course!
Hikaru: All right!
Umi: You could come to my fencing tournament too!
Hikaru: Thanks!
Umi: The three of us have got to do are best so we could all go back to Tokyo as soon as we can!

The Second Rune-God: Windam, the Lord of the Skies[edit]

Umi: My, don't you look happy.

Showdown: The Magic Knights Vs. Zagato[edit]

Emeraude: I beg you. Isn't it enough? This is the law of Cephiro. A promise made upon this land. I cannot do anything about it.
Zagato: Yes, I know.
Emeraude: Zagato...
Zagato: I understand very well. Do not forget that I was chosen to aid in the prayers of the Pillar of Cephiro. The law of Cephiro that the heart determines all. It is deeply engraved in me. (groans in pain and clutches to his wound in his shoulder)
Emeraude: (gasps) You're hurt!
Zagato: It's nothing.
Emeraude: (light eminates from Emeraude's pendant) Light of healing, please lend me your shining rays. (an orb of light appears in Emeraude's hand and she touches Zagato's shoulder with it, healing is wound)
Zagato: I am the one that shall defeat the Magic Knights. What do you think you are doing by healing this wound.
Emeraude: Zagato...
Zagato: Emeraude. It seems that I can only make you cry. Although I wish to see you smile, more than anyone else in Cephiro, somehow, I alone am responsible for your tears.

Season Two[edit]

A Departure and New Ties[edit]

Umi: (hugs Hikaru) Don't look like you're gonna start crying, okay? (breaks away) 'Cause if you do, then you're gonna make me wanna start crying, too!

Fuu: Tokyo Tower is a place I guess I'll never forget. It will always be locked deeply in my memory.

Kuu: Meeting at Tokyo Tower?! The pastries they sell at Tokyo Tower are terribly delicious!
Fuu: (nervous) Well! Then I will certainly buy some for you today, sister! If you'd like!

Debonair: Very soon, all that there is will forever cease to be. Everything will be no more. Not only Cephiro. All worlds will soon belong to me!!

Hikaru and Nova in the Dream[edit]

Hikaru: Why did you attack us, Alcyone! You know the war is already over!
Alcyone: Over? It is far from over! The humiliation that I felt? That will never leave me! The treatment I received from the ones to whom I gave everything! I will always remember that.

Nova and Regalia, Rune God of the Devil[edit]

Hikaru: Which country did you come from? Autozam? Chizeta, Fahren?
Nova: None of them! I was born very close by! Almost right here in Cephiro!

Eagle: I thought I had prepared myself for this. But it wasn't any good. I can't do this when Lantis looks at me like that. I was almost about to change my mind. No matter how I justify it, invading other countries isn't pretty.

Nova: Hey! Why are you guys running away? I'm only trying to kill you.
Umi: Well excuse us for not appretiating your offer, but we don't feel getting killed today.
Nova: Why? You guys are gonna die anyway.
Fuu: That has not been determined yet.

Chizeta's Mobile Fortress and a Powerless Hikaru[edit]

Aska: (sees the Bravada) Ah! What is that thing?! That big...curry pot thing!

Aska: So, Sang Yung, why don't you try laughing with me, too?
Sang Yung: Huh?
Aska: Yeah! Laugh like this with me!
(Aska throws her head back and laughs. Sang Yung stutters before joining in while an irked Chang Ang just stares at them.)
Aska: That's it!
Chang Ang: Oh. Lady Aska.
(The laughter stops)
Aska: What is it now? You wanna try it too, Chang Ang? Raise your arms like this, then laugh like so. (resumes laughter)
Chang Ang: (blushes) Well, I believe I could do that. (follows suit rather poorly)
Aska: Ugh. When you do it, it's sorta creepy.

Caldina: You know, Hikaru, I never realized how long and beautiful your hair really was.
Hikaru: You... you think so?
Fuu: It's difficult to tell because you always keep it braided, Ms. Hikaru.
Umi: You look so cute with your hair down like that.
Hikaru: I'm not cute at all. What are you talking about? Everyone's always telling me that I look and act like a tomboy.
Umi: You are cute.
Fuu: I think that you are actually quite adorable as well, Ms. Hikaru.
(Caldina pops out of the water in front of Hikaru, surprising her)
Caldina: Hey, Hikaru, aren't there ever any guys tellin' you that you're cute?
Hikaru: Well, my brothers always tell me that but I never heard any of the other boys say those things.
Caldina: (glomps Hikaru, holding her head to her breasts) If they can't see how luscious our petite little Hikaru is, then guys from another world don't appreciate women.
Hikaru: I can't breathe...
Caldina: (lets go of Hikaru) Oh, sorry 'bout that.
Hikaru: You know, Caldina, you have pretty big breasts.
Caldina: (Laughs) And Presea ain't too shabby in the chest department either.
Presea: Oh, Caldina!
Caldina: (swims over to Presea) Oh, I'm just teasin'. Hey! You got a pretty interesting scar. It looks like a feather. Is it a birthmark? (Presea turns away) Did I say something wrong?
Presea: Oh, not at all, Caldina.
Caldina: Well, if we're talking about gals that are top-heavy, then that definitely describes Alcyone.
Umi: I guess she was pretty big.
Caldina: Y'know, I betcha she has no problem getting the boys to follow her around like puppy dogs.
Hikaru: Do guys really prefer women with really big breasts, Caldina?
Everyone else in the room: Huh??
Hikaru: Well, what I mean is that I don't have any breasts at all, so I, you know?
Umi: Hikaru...
Fuu: Ms. Hikaru...
Hikaru: I was just wondering what it would be like to have a big chest. It would probably be nice and soft and uh... please forget what I said.
Umi: Hey, wait a minute. Is there someone you'd like to get to notice you?
Hikaru: Uh.. Um.. uh... It's not that at all. Not at all.

Tarta: Cephiro is a land of magic. It will belong to Princess Tarta of Chizeta. (Tatra giggles, annoying Tarta) Can't you at least try to pretend to be a little serious, Tatra? Can't you stop giggling for a second? What are you doing, anyway?
Tatra: Take a look. (shows that fruit has been braided into Tarta's hair.) Isn't it lovely? (Tarta freaks out and shakes the fruit out of her hair. Then she breathes heavily) Aw. And I worked so hard to braid them into your hair.

Hikaru and Friendships Torn Apart[edit]

Umi: I have to admit, when I first met you I thought you were pretty scary looking. But your so kind. I wish you would tell me something about yourself. How you spent all those long long years. You should tell me your memories.
Selece: Very well, young girl from another world.
Umi: Please, call me Umi. I'm calling you by your name, Selece, so I want you to call me by my name too, I mean if that's alright?
Selece: ...Umi.
Umi: (smiles brightly) Hey, I appreciate that, Selece. You can be sure I'll call your name right away if I'm ever in any danger.

Fuu: I've been calling you Windam ever since the moment we meet at the Sky Shrine. Is that alright with you?
Windam: What does thou mean?
Fuu: Perhaps you would prefer that I call you 'Sir' Windam? But I suppose that would mean, (raises her arms as though she were holding a sword) when I raise my sword to summon you I, I should call out Sir Windam! Instead of the way I've been doing it until now right?
Windam: ...Call me Windam.
Fuu: If that's what you would prefer to be called then I would like you to call me Fuu. ...All right?
Windam: ...Fuu.

Umi and the Ambition of Tarta and Tatra[edit]

Nova: Hikaru. My dear, sweet little Hikaru. You were able to believe in your two best friends, but you couldn't win against a part of your heart that you didn't even know existed.

Tarta: (Draws her sword and shield) Get your weapon! Put on your armor!
Umi: Listen, you! You're the ones who decided to take all of my clothes including my armor!
Tarta: It's not like we really wanted to take your clothes. We were just checking to see if you had any hidden weapons or anything else dangerous and poof! All your clothes disappeared into this glove so don't make it like it's our fault 'cuz it ain't. (tosses Umi's glove to Umi) So we dressed you in the traditional clothes of our country. You should be grateful.
Umi: You know, I'd really prefer an outfit that doesn't show my belly button.

Fuu vs Aska: The Life or Death Archery Match[edit]

Fuu: I always thought of Fahren as a country with many Chinese influences. But I think ninjas are distinctly Japanese.

The Magic Knights and the Calm After the Storm[edit]

Debonair: You said you wanted that Magic Swordsman, did you not?
Nova: (nods) You know what? Hikaru's even more in love with Lantis than she ever was. I think she finally realized it too.
Debonair: Then go for it, Nova. Go on and take the object of your desire, my child. And spread even more terror among the people of Cephiro. All of the people's suffering. All their terror. All their negative emotions will become my power. It is the nectar that quenches my thirst. Go have some fun so that I may gain further power and head out into battle once again.
Nova: I will, Mother Debonair.

(two young boys take a quick peek up Umi's skirt but she moves away)
Umi: (clears throat) I think you boys are a little young to be looking up a girl's skirt.
Boy 1: Does this mean we get to look when we're older?
Umi: Sure. And you'll find you'll get a nice slap in the face for your efforts. (Mokona then starts looking up Umi's skirt. Umi then freaks out and chases after Mokona with a mallet)
Fuu: Doesn't everyone think that Ms. Umi and Sir Mokona get along together quite well?

Fuu: I was lonely, I was sad
I was feeling awfully bad
My heart was broken
But you came into my life
And you made my future bright
Your eyes had spoken
And they took the hurt away from me
The rain that fell within my heart is swept away
The clouds break open and I see the day
Here by your side
No more reason to hide my feelings inside
And I'll gladly share each one of them
With you
If you let me
Light all around me
I feel it surround me
Shining down from above
This is love
(Hikaru, Umi, and the children all applaud)
Umi: You're a really good singer, Fuu.
Fuu: Oh, you think too highly of me, Ms. Umi.
Hikaru: But I think your singing's good too. I love it, Fuu.
Fuu: Well, I'm certainly glad you liked it.
Mira: Did you know that Princess Emeraude was really good at singing too?
(the kids all chatter)
Girl 1: She really was a beautiful princess, wasn't she?
Girl 2: Cephiro was beautiful when Princess Emeraude was still around. Everything was just as pretty as the princess was.
Hikaru: Yeah. It really was.

Eagle: I heard a woman's voice. No, perhaps a girl's. A beautiful, kind voice. That must have been the Princess Emeraude you mentioned.
Lantis: So you heard it too?
Eagle: But the Princess is already...
Lantis: What remained of her heart was in the crown. The Proof of the Pillar. The last thought of the Pillar that loved this world.
Eagle: Is it all right for you to tell me that? If that was her last thought, then the strong mental energy that fills this castle will no longer be active. You shouldn't give your enemies such strategic information.
Lantis: I thought I told you why I left Cephiro. My elder brother had fallen in love with the Pillar and risked everything for her. Zagato chose to fight for his heart. For the sake of his love. Even if it meant Cephiro's destruction. However, Princess Emeraude, the Pillar, summoned the Magic Knights and wished for her own annihilation. I will end this tragedy.
Eagle: It is my mission to acquire the Pillar System. I am only here to accomplish that mission.
Lantis: Even though it will sadden those who love you?
Eagle: Even then, I probably won't think it to be too painful.

Giant Sang Yung VS the NSX![edit]

Aska: I don't wanna be the Pillar of Cephiro. Not anymore.
Chang Ang: Lady Aska...
Aska: I realize that I love the people of Fahren with all my heart. That's why there's no way I could ever keep thinking of Cephiro and only Cephiro forever... If that actually happened, Cephiro would fall to ruin like how it is now... It'd be impossible for me to rule over the two countries, and I couldn't bear it.

A Serious Match: Umi Vs. Tarta and Tatra[edit]

Primera: Lantis? Lantis!? I bet he's with Hikaru right now. I've had enough! What's so great about her anyway?! She's only a little bit bigger than I am, you know. She may be taller than me, but my boobs are bigger! Oh, Lantis, you big jerk!

Umi: Hey, Selece?
Selece: Yes, Umi.
Umi: I'd like to believe that the princesses of Chizeta are telling me the truth. It might seem a little bit crazy to fight them by myself. But I really believe that Tarta and Tatra will honestly fight me fair and square.
Selece: Fight as thy will wishes thee to. In this world, Cephiro, the heart that believes becomes power.
Umi: Selece...
Selece: Thou art a warrior. A true warrior's heart always echoes the hearts of those wishing to challenge it.

Umi: So, now that we don't have to fight anymore, maybe we can all be friends.
Tarta: I guess we could, but first we gotta fix that mean streak of yours.
Umi: Whaddaya mean by "mean streak"?!
Tarta: Whaddaya think!?
Umi: Aren't you the pot calling the kettle black!?
Tarta: Whaddaya mean by that!?
Umi: If you looked up "mean streak" in the dictionary, there'd be a picture of you next to the definition!
Tarta: What's that supposed to mean!?
Umi: Whaddaya think!?
Tarta: You wanna fight!?
Umi: Sure!
Tarta: All right, let's do it!
Tatra: My, my. You two are gonna be the best of friends.

The True Pillar is: Hikaru or Eagle?[edit]

Eagle: As of this moment, all command of the NSX will be transferred to Geo Metro...the sub-commander.
Geo: Eagle!
Eagle: Cephiro's true enemy seems to be more than just Nova. Please, Geo! Use this ship to protect Cephiro! (The hatch closes) Forgive me...for being selfish...this last time.

Eagle: I really wanted to shape...Autozam's future with my own two hands. But it seems my time has run out. Master Mage Clef of Cephiro...has promised to aid rebuilding whether or not I'm the Pillar. He gave his word. Therefore...I can't just sit back and let the Magic Knights die.
Geo: Let ME go!
Eagle: No. I'm going, Geo. (coughs) When I die...I want to die as a warrior. That's true wish

An Endless Battle![edit]

Umi: I don't see how [Nova] could be a part of Hikaru's heart!
Fuu: I agree. What did Ms. Hikaru mean by a "shadow of her heart?"
Hikaru: The will controls all in Cephiro. And monsters are created from the hearts of people. And Nova was a monster that was created from my heart!

(a baby cries while being held in Tarta's arms)
Tarta: (in a somewhat reluctant tone) There there... C'mon. Gimmie a break.
(Tatra comforts the baby)
Tatra: (in a warm, motherly tone) There there.
Tarta: Hey, how come he doesn't cry for you, Tatra?
Tatra: Older sisters just have a way with these things.

Lantis: I'm not like Zagato. I won't choose a future of dying with the one I love just because I can't be with her.

Eagle: Hikaru...isn't like Princess Emeraude. I'm sure she'll be choose a future...where she can be happy with the ones she loves.

Eagle: (thinking) Lantis... please... make Hikaru... happy. (dies in explosion)

The Road to Victory: The Tomorrow that the Believing Heart Opens![edit]

Alcyone: This is the fate that I have already decided for myself... there's no need... to cry... Lord Zagato... (the ominous shadow swallows her up and she disappears)
Umi: (teafully) Goodbye, Alcyone...

Debonair:(while dying) The heart that believes?! Curse you, people of Cephiro!! CURSE YOU, MAGIC KNIGHTS!! (screeches and dies)

Hikaru: One day, I will want to return to Cephiro again. Not out of regret, but because I'll want to see what the new Cephiro is like.