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Mahmud Kati, was an African Muslim historian (from modern Mali) best known for his work Chronicle of the Seeker, in his work he mentions details regarding the life of Mansa Musa and other rulers of his time.


  • From the far reaches of the Mediterranean Sea to the Indus River, the faithful approached the city of Mecca. All had the same objective to worship together at the most sacred shrine of Islam, the Kaaba in Mecca. One such traveler was Mansa Musa, Sultan of Mali in Western Africa. Mansa Musa had prepared carefully for the long journey he and his attendants would take. He was determined to travel not only for his own religious fulfillment, but also for recruiting teachers and leaders, so that his realms could learn more of the Prophet's teachings.

-Chronicle of the Seeker by: Mahmud Kati

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