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Mahsa Amini (Persian: مهسا امینی) also known as Zhina Amini (Persian: ژینا امینی) was a 22-year-old Iranian woman who died in Tehran, Iran, due to police brutality under suspicious circumstances. She was arrested by government's so-called Guidance Patrol and a short time after, she fell into a coma and suffered brain damage. She later passed away. The beating of Mahsa Amini by the Irshad patrol and her going into a coma has caused public anger in social networks.

Quotes about Mahsa Amini[edit]

  • The enmity of the Islamic Republic with women is not hidden from anyone.
  • The biggest war for women's rights and human rights is happening in Iran. If you live on earth and remain silent, you will never be able to speak about women's rights again.
  • After listening to Masih and watching what's happening in the streets of Tehran, and though it pains me to say it, if only Russian men were as brave as Iranian women!
  • I will not allow my daughter’s blood to be trampled on.
    • Amjad Amini

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