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Making Fiends is an American animated television miniseries that is based upon the web series of the same name. The series ran from October 4, 2008 to November 1, 2008 on Nicktoons Network. The series follows the evil, Vendetta and the new happy but dim-witted girl, Charlotte, at school in the gloomy town of Clamburg. Vendetta hates Charlotte and tries to destroy her in each and every episode.

Episode 1


Charlotte's First Day

Mr. Milk: Uh... Charlotte, what did you bring to show and tell?
Charlotte: This is Buttons. He's my hamster. He's my favorite hamster in the whole world. And I also have this. It's a pretty rock. Vendetta gave it to me.
Vendetta: I threw it at you!
Charlotte: Vendetta is soooo nice!

Charlotte: We'd better get back to class. [singing] Monkeys stay up late- [Vendetta throws clam ice cream at Charlotte.] Oh! Thanks, Vendetta! I just know we're going to be friends forever and ever! [singing] Monkeys never wait for buses, 'cause they have nowhere to be!

A Fiendish Fiend

Vendetta: Ah! What are you doing? Stop that!
Charlotte: Whee! Ooh, hi Vendetta! Would you like to slide with me?
Vendetta: How dare you ask me to slide? I do not slide!
Charlotte: Oh, okay. Let's pretend to be administrators instead!
Vendetta: No!
Charlotte: Or sausage makers?
Vendetta: No!
Charlotte: Or postal clerks?
Vendetta: No!

Charlotte: [grabs the present and reads the note] "Dear stupid girl..." That's me! "Here's a new friend for you to play with. A very good friend indeed. Heh heh heh, yours fatally, Vendetta."

Super Evil

Vendetta: Heh heh heh, I scored mostly evil!
Charlotte: Oh! A magazine quiz! [takes the magazine and starts doing the quiz]
Vendetta: Stop it! Magazines are not for stupid people like you! Give it back!
Charlotte: Oh! That was fun. I scored super evil! Yippee!
Vendetta: Impossible! Give me that! [takes the magazine] I cannot believe it! But if you cannot trust a magazine quiz... what can you trust?
Charlotte: [sees a butterfly] Oh, pretty!

Vendetta: What are you doing? Are you making a fiend?
Charlotte: No, I'm baking cookies! Yum!
Vendetta: Poison cookies?
Charlotte: No.
Vendetta: Exploding cookies?
Charlotte: Butter cookies!
Vendetta: Will you lure people into traps with them?
Charlotte: I'm going to give them to everyone as presents. [accidentally splatters cookie batter onto Vendetta] Everyone loves cookies!
Vendetta: [wipes off batter] I hate cookies.

Episode 2



Vendetta: Yes! Everyone must obey the triangle of tastiness!
Charlotte: But what about vegetables?
Vendetta: Pah! What about them?
Charlotte: They should be on the menu too, because they're so healthy and delicious! [singing] Eat vegetables with every meal-- [Vendetta throws a grape punch carton at her]
Vendetta: That is what I think of your vegetables, you stupid blue girl! [walks away]
Charlotte: I think she's really going to like vegetables! Teehee!

Charlotte: Grandma! Do you have any cookbooks?
Charlene: Cookbooks? I love cookbooks! They have so many pretty pictures and nice recipes! What kind do you need?
Charlotte: I want to make lunch for my friend Vendetta. But she only likes clams, beef jerky and grape punch.
Charlene: Yum!
Charlotte: I know! But I think she should like vegetables, too.
Charlene: Well, of course she should! Let's see here. I have a cookbook or two that might help you out [reveals a big shelf with cookbooks and reads some of the book's titles] Pickling potatoes, Clam cabaret, Exquisite squids... Oh! Here we are!
Charlotte: Concealing carrots. Perfect!


Toupee fiend: Ms. Helga, what a charming dress. Wow!
Ms. Helga: [giggles] Mr. Milk, you're terrible.

Toupee fiend: What do you want more than anything else?
Mr. Milk: I've always wanted to work at a bank...
Toupee fiend: I can help you with that! I could even help you become the best kind of banker of all. A Swiss banker!

Mama Vendetta

Charlotte: Oh, hi Vendetta! Don't you just love your pretty new hat? It matches your pretty new purse!
Vendetta: I do not have a purse.
Charlotte: Yes you do! [gestures towards the purse] It matches your pretty new lipgloss!
Vendetta: No! Do not touch my lips! [Charlotte pulls out a paintbrush] My lips are not to be glossy!
Charlotte: [paints a smile on the statue] Yay! Teehee! [swings on the statue's elbow then sings] Pretty pretty pretty, Vendetty-ditty-ditty.

Charlotte: Hi Vendetta! Are you hiding Easter eggs? [gasps] Can I play?
Vendetta: No! I am hatching my pigeon fiends, which will climb up this ladder and explode you! [the eggs hatch] What are you waiting for, pigeon fiends? Explode her! [pigeon fiends come closer to Vendetta] Attack! Attack her, you stupid pigeons! Ahhh! Why are you coming closer? Do not come any closer? Shoo! Go away! Go away!
Charlotte: [slides down ladder] How cute! They think you're their mommy!
Vendetta: What!? I am not their mommy! Why would they think such a stupid thing!?
Charlotte: Because you hatched them with your love! They want to love you back!
Vendetta: Your talk of love makes me sick!

Episode 3


Shrinking Charlotte

Vendetta: No, I want to be bigger!
Charlotte: But Vendetta, you don't need to be bigger, you already have the biggest heart.


Charlotte: [sighs] You're so lucky. I wish my parents could be here.
Vendetta: Why? Where are your parents?
Charlotte: They're in a better place...up there. [Pointing up]
Vendetta: Were they eaten by bears?

No Singing

Vendetta: The moment Charlotte sings, the fiend will get angry. And when he gets angry... [She turns on Mr. Milk's radio that starts playing a song.]
Female Voice on Radio: Why not keep a weasel in your pocket
Fiend: No singing! AAAAARGH!!! [He raises his giant mallet and crushes the radio to kingdom come.]
Vendetta: He will crush her! Crush her and her hats! Ha ha ha ha ha!

Vendetta: You are wasting my fiend. Sing!
Charlotte: But Vendetta, what can I do if a kitty is stranded up high and I want to get it down?
Vendetta: You could shoot it... with a water gun. Or you could throw puppies at it until it loses its grip. Or you could do nothing. I am sure that the kitten will get weak with hunger and fall down all by itself.
[Grudge and the crush fiend nod their heads at each other suspiciously as Charlotte begins to cry.]
Vendetta: Ugh!

Episode 4


Puppies! Puppies! Puppies!

Charlotte: [plays the tuba] I am playing a tuba! Yay! It sounds like hugs sliding down from rainbows!

Shorts 1 (Dear Pretty Diary, Dear Stupid Journal)

Vendetta: I warn you! Stay away from Clamberg!

Marvin the Middle Manager

Marvin: My cocoa! [Rick gives his cocoa to him] Thanks, Rick. What's next?
Charlotte: Oo! It's the last thing on the list! "Number 27: Destroy Charlotte." [Marvin spits out his cocoa] Teehee! That sounds easy enough! Maybe I could be attacked by wolverines!
Marvin: Uh.
Charlotte: Or how about if I was catapulted to the moon!
Marvin: My budget won't...
Charlotte: I know! I could dress up like a fly! [gasp] No! Wait! Wait! Butterflies are prettier! I'll be a butterfly that gets hit by a piano!
Marvin: Uh. Okay.
Charlotte: This is going to be fun! If it works, Vendetta will be so happy, I think she'll promote us both. Yippee!

[as Charlotte gets ready to be defeated]
Marvin: Are you sure you want to-
Charlotte: Come on! It'll be fuuuun!
Marvin: Alriiiight..

Episode 5



Violetta: We love you, Vendetta.
Vendetta: Do not make me angry!


Charlotte: Oh no! It's going to rain on our parade! We will have to call of the kite flying contest.
Vendetta: [sarcastically] My heart is breaking.

Vendetta: Electrocution will be perfect! We should fly a kite!
Charlotte: But what about the extreme danger?
Vendetta: What about extreme fun?

New Best Friend

Charlotte: This hole in the floor looks like it could take you all the way to Canada!
Marion: No! I mean- I mean it's for my new hot tub.

Charlotte: Look at this pretty picture of Vendetta! But why is there an ugly red line over her face?

Episode 6



Vendetta: [after Hamster returned home] Where have you been? Can you not do anything right? How dare you go have fun when I suffer?

Shorts 2 (The Land of Cheese)

Vendetta: [wakes up and screams from her dream] Oh, it was only a stupid dream.
Charlotte: Sandwich? Teehee.
Vendetta: NOOOOOOOO!!!


Vendetta: NO! I do not make ponies!
Charlotte: But you make things all the time! You made a pet for Malachi! [points to the fiend licking Malachi]
Vendetta: That is true. Perhaps, you do deserve a pony. A very special pony. Meet me tomorrow in the park and I will give you a pony that you will not forget.

[last lines of the series]
Mr. Milk: Thank you for saving us, uh, Vendetta.
Marion: Yes, I'm glad that you left-
Vendetta: Leave me alone, or I will call my fiend back! [everyone runs away and Vendetta laughs evilly]


  • Amy Winfrey as Charlotte, Grandma Charlene, Giant Kitty, Marion, Maggie, Buttons, and Mrs. Millet
  • Aglaia Mortcheva as Vendetta and Violeta
  • Peter Merryman as Mr. Milk, Marvin, Malachi, Grudge, Mort, Ms. Minty, Onion Man, and most fiends on the show.
  • Dave Wasson as Viktor and Mr. Gumpit
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