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They say what I did was ego-driven and name-dropping …Damn right it is. Who am I going to write about? People I didn't meet?

Malachy Gerard McCourt (born 20 September 1931) is an Irish-American actor, writer, and politician. He was the 2006 Green Party candidate for governor of New York.


Quotes from "AT LUNCH WITH: Malachy McCourt — How a Rogue Turns Himself Into a Saint; The Blarney Fails to Hide an Emotional Directness":

  • Cute in Ireland meant cunning and devious … And I'm not sure that I'm not.
  • I left school at age 13. I was illiterate with no role models. The great psychobabble today is the dysfunctional family. Well, I've never met one that was functional. In Limerick, a family that was dysfunctional was one who could afford to drink but didn't.
  • I had the taste of the alcohol since I was 11 … It allowed me to be clever, charming and to behave outrageously. Acting also allowed me not to be me. So I could indulge every fantasy in this paradise of America.
  • On his brother Frank: He's an amazing man … When he was 12, one of our schoolmasters said: "My boy, you are a literary genius. My strong suggestion is to go to America. They will appreciate you there." Over the years I've read what he's written that never got published, and I always said it still holds. He is a literary genius. Also the most nonjudgmental decent guy. He forgives.

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