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Proverbs (peribahasa) from all Malay speaking parts of the world.


  • جوڠ ڤچه، يو کڽڠ
    • Transliteration: Jong pecah, yu kenyang
    • Translation: When the junk is broken, the sharks are full of food.
    • Meaning: In mayhem.
    • Hamilton, A. W. (1947). Malay Proverbs. Australasian Publishing. p. 11. Retrieved on 17 March 2021. 
  • هيدوڤ دکاندوڠ عادت، ماتي دکاندوڠ تانه
    • Transliteration: Hidup dikandung adat, mati dikandung tanah
    • Translation: In life we are encompassed by regulations, in death by the mould of the grave
    • Meaning: Life is according to the rules of the land. After death, we follow the rules of God.
    • Maxwell, W. E. (July 1879). "Malay Proverbs". Journal of the Straits Branch of the Royal Asiatic Society 3: 19-51. Retrieved on 17 March 2021.

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