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Dr. Maliha Khan, is a president and Chief Executive Officer of women deliver born in Pakistan. Dr. Khan most recently served as Chief Programmes Officer of Malala Fund. She succeeds Kathleen Sherwin, who has served as Interim President and CEO for Women Deliver since June 2020.[1] She has a PhD from the State University of New York and an MA from Quaid-i-Azam University in Islamabad in Social Anthropology.


  • If we want to achieve what we want to achieve, we will often have to partner with and talk to people that we don't agree with on many things. Personally, I agree with very little that President Novák, believes in, espouses, or takes forward. I'm sure she agrees with very little that I believe in,
  • They have been an incredible host. They have achieved so much in gender equality. Again, we see some differences with them and they see some differences with us, but we've been always approaching this with them over the last year and a half that we've been having these discussions.
  • “I am thrilled to join Women Deliver as President and CEO. I am an ardent feminist and have been working to advance the rights of girls and women, and to implement gender transformative initiatives, throughout my career. I am looking forward to continuing Women Deliver’s important role as a champion of gender equality advocates to realize the rights of all girls and women, not least their sexual and reproductive health and rights. This space is more important than ever to bridge the distance and disconnect that the world has faced over the last two years,”
  • “Where they would say, we are going to do this and I would say, oh gosh, I wouldn't and then we say, okay, I understand that's the direction you're going and I will disagree, but I will commit and we will do it together. I will say to their huge credit; they have done the same with us. We have said we are going to bring in global people from all over the world and they said, anyone is welcome a hundred percent we will give them visas.
  • “Gender Equality cannot be achieved without free and open spaces. Spaces that are accessible, spaces that are inviting and inclusive. The Women Deliver Conference is one of those spaces. There are other spaces that need to be accessible for girls and women to live in while pursuing their goals. However, these spaces are often under the control of governments, families, and existing policies. To achieve gender equality it’s important that these spaces remain open and democratic, and remain respectful to every individual despite identity,”
  • A woman is any person who identifies as a woman, has been identified by others as a girl or a woman, and has the lived reality of what it is to be a girl or a woman. This is who we are including in our spaces and that is who we are trying to fight for,”

Women Deliver Appoints Dr. Maliha Khan as President and Chief Executive Officer