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Manhunt 2 is a stealth-based psychological horror video game published by Rockstar Games.

Manhunt 2[edit]

[As Daniel Lamb enters the deviant sex club]
Leo Kasper:The Pervs run that joint. They're pure sleaze. Guys go in expecting a blowjob, they walk out Project zombies.

[Hunter is looking for Danny]
Pervert:I bet your butt meat tastes REAL good...

[Hunter is looking for Danny]
Police Officer:The longer I wait, the more bones I break.

[Hunter is looking for Danny]
Escaped Inmate:I know this sounds crazy, but if you don't help me, my head is going to split WIDE open!

[repeated line]
Dr. Pickman:What seest thou else in the dark and backward abysm of time?

Leo Kasper:No one wants to be Daniel Lamb...
Daniel Lamb: I do!

[repeated line]
Leo Kasper:Give this guy his assasin's badge RIGHT now. He's earned it.
Leo Kasper:We'll make them pay!!! WE'LL MAKE THEM ALL PAY!!!

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