Manolis Glezos

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Manolis Glezos in 2015

Manolis Glezos (Μανώλης Γλέζος; 9 September 1922 – 30 March 2020) was a Greek left-wing politician and guerrilla fighter, best known for his participation in the World War II resistance.


  • "We had absolute consciousness that it was a historic moment... No struggle for what you believe in is ever futile."
  • Why do I go on? Why I am doing this when I am 92 years and two months old? I could, after all, be sitting on a sofa in slippers with my feet up. So why do I do this? You think the man sitting opposite you is Manolis but you are wrong. I am not him. And I am not him because I have not forgotten that every time someone was about to be executed [during WWII], they said: 'Don't forget me. When you say good morning, think of me. When you raise a glass, say my name.' And that is what I am doing talking to you, or doing any of this. The man you see before you is all those people. And all this is about not forgetting them.