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Tas in 2010

Marcelo Tristão Athayde de Souza (born 10 November, 1959), better known as Marcelo Tas, is a Brazilian director, writer, actor and television host.


  • The (TV) Cultura lost his hand in an area that was the leader, tried to reinvent the wheel three times. The 'Rá-Tim-Bum', a project extremely daring and successful, was abandoned to turn the 'Castelo (Rá-Tim-Bum)', which was also very good. There had to stop. Instead of continuing, preferred to create 'Ilha Rá-Tim-Bum', which failed.
    • In an interview with Quem criticizing the TV Cultura, the television station where he worked for several years. Marcelo Tas critica a TV Cultura (in Portuguese). Quem Online (December 27, 2009).
  • Luiza (his oldest daughter) expressed this option [sic] in college. At the time, talked with her and school counselors. It was important to let the choice be hers and that any pressure was accompanied by homophobic colleagues. Fortunately, there was no question about their most serious option [sic]. That, remember, is personal.
    • In a news magazine Alfa, talks about his daughter being gay. Ronaldo Bressane (September 12, 2010). Vote em mim (in Portuguese). Alfa.
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