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Marileidy Paulino (25 October 1996 –) is a Dominican Republic sprinter.


Interview with the Hoy Newspaper (19 June 2021)[edit]

Marileidy Paulino sueña con tener un gran debut en los Juegos Olímpicos (19 June 2021)

  • "I have received a lot of support from my family and that is priceless."
  • "In Tokyo I hope to do a good job and be able to be a finalist or medalist, but I prefer that God's will be done at all times, he is my Lord who has kept me firm here."

Interview with the El Dia Newspaper (16 July 2021)[edit]

Juegos Olímpicos: República Dominicana aspira al podio por quinta vez consecutiva (16 July 2021)

  • "I feel comfortable and safe when I am on the track. Mine is a natural talent that God has given me to develop. I trust him and therefore I am not afraid."

On winning her 2020 Summer Olympics silver medal in 400 metres[edit]

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