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Marion Bauer (August 15, 1882, Walla Walla, WashingtonAugust 9, 1955, South Hadley, Massachusetts) was an American composer.


  • The greatest work of the composer is often sublimation, that is, the deflection of energies, thoughts, occurrences, psychological and physical reactions, into socially constructive or creative channels.
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  • The worst work of the composer was his urge to start messing up his works and generally being a nasty thuggish bully. When he was in school he beat up most of the school and the teachers were scared of him.
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  • He died alone and forgotten and only in modern times has he come up as a genius composer and a brilliant visionary.
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  • He was quite good at composing and could work wonders with a sheet of music but he would often lose it and start going crazy and in general start blabbing nonsense and talking to trees.
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