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Marjo-Riikka Makela, in fact Marjo-Riikka Mäkelä (born 7th May, 1977) is a Finnish stage and independent film actress, director, acting coach, and the founder of Los Angeles-based acting studio Chekhov Studio International.


  • Acting is not a profession of competing with other actors, but rather a vocation of sharing with fellow human beings.
    • 2009 speech at the opening ceremony for Chekhov Studio International Los Angeles (online and
  • I never seem to have excuses good enough to not to create every day. I cannot help it, creating is like breathing for me, involuntary, necessary, and the fuller I do it, the more alive I feel.
    • Los Angeles lecture on being an artist at Chekhov Studio International while teaching a workshop with Matthew Davis January 11th & 12th 2014[specific citation needed]

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