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Mark A. Gabriel, is a lecturer and writer on Islam who lives in the United States. He is the author of five books critical of salafi Islam, including Islam and Terrorism, Islam and the Jews, and Journey into the Mind of an Islamic Terrorist.


  • The root of Islamic terrorism is the fundamentalist application of the Quran and the life of Muhammad.
    • Mark A. Gabriel, "Journey Into the Mind of an Islamic Terrorist", page. 169.


  • My conversations with him drove me to pour over the Quran and the books of the Islamic law, hoping to find something to contradict what he said. I couldn’t change the reality of what I read. As a Muslim, I realized I had two options:
    • I could continue to embrace the "Christianized" Islam—the Islam of peace, love, forgiveness and compassion, the Islam tailor-made to fit Egyptian government, politics and culture—thereby keeping my job and status.
    • I could become a member of the Islamic movement and embrace Islam according to the Quran and the teachings of Muhammad. Muhammad said, "I left you with something [the Quran]. If you hold on to what I left with you, you will not be led astray forever."
    • SECTION I, MY STORY, 1 Disillusioned at Al-Azhar

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