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Mark Leckey (born 1964) is a British contemporary artist, working with collage art, music and video.


  • I just...the world's just different. It changes every day.
    • "Fiorucci Made Me Hardcore" (1999)
  • Things that appear as images or pictures, but that somehow impose on me a sense of their actual weight, density and volume, of their physical being in the world. This sensation is then even further enhanced when a picture starts to move; when it comes to life.
    • "Cinema-in-the-Round" (2007)
  • I am an autodidact - that's why I use bigger words than I should. It's a classic sign.
    • Guardian interview (2008)
  • See, we assemble. Samsung, Viking, Gaggenau, and Whirlpool. Here, here. Here, we exist. In the streets. And houses, in cars, and fields. As ever-present as sunshine.
    • "GreenScreenRefrigeratorAction" (2010)
  • This is a proposal for a show, in which I imagine a Newly Born Limb, the Ghost of A Flea, and an Endless Note Petrified in Stone. I picture two prosthetic arms, one ancient, one modern, reaching out as far as they can, to grasp all that there is in the world.
    • "Prop4aShw" (2013)

Quotes about Leckey[edit]

  • This is the state that Leckey aspires to attain as an artist: a hyper-sensitized negation of the self, achievable through technology, which would connect him to a space that is profoundly open and potentially infinite. Power ON.
    • "A Thing For Things", frieze, 2013
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