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Mark Rathbun in 2010

Mark "Marty" C. Rathbun (born 9. January 1957) was Inspector General of the Religious Technology Center (RTC), the organization that controls the copyrights and trademarks of the materials relating to Dianetics and Scientology.[1] His role was to head the Inspector General Network, described by the Church of Scientology as "an independent investigatory and policing body whose function is to keep Scientology working by ensuring the pure and ethical use of Dianetics and Scientology technology." The post is one of the most senior management functions in the Church and its related organizations.[2] Rathbun left the Church of Scientology in 2004 and is now an independent Scientologist.




  • Rathbun, a 55-year-old from California who spent 27 years in the church and rose to the rank of inspector general of the Religious Technology Center—a position directly under Miscavige—before leaving in 2004.
  • Many aspects of Marty's story are disputed by the Church, which calls him a liar, a criminal, and an apostate. But the verifiable facts are as follows: he was a fully-paid-up Scientologist for 27 years, before quitting in 2004. For much of this time, he was a high-ranking executive in the Church, helping steer some of its most sensitive legal campaigns. He was also acquainted with many celebrity members, including Kirstie Alley, John Travolta, and Tom Cruise.
  • Marty has become one of the Church's most public detractors, and has appeared in that guise on virtually every major US news network.
  • He speaks their language. He's not abandoned Hubbard. He's not given up on the faith. He's just worn down. And the people he's speaking to are also worn down. They are exhausted with requests for donations. Because of that, he reaches deep inside the organisation.
    • Tony Ortega, cited in (Adams 2012).

Former Scientology members[edit]

  • Leaving felt like jumping out of an aeroplane with no parachute. But after two weeks at Marty's place I got my feet back under me. He put me in touch with a community of former Church members. One even offered me a job. It's been two years since then; I've now got a home, a wife, and a wonderful six-month-old daughter.
    • John Brousseau, cited in (Adams 2012).
  • When I left Scientology, I lost every friend I ha. Then I went to see Marty. He gave me certainty, gave me hope, and made me realise I wasn't alone. He picked up the broken pieces of my life and put them back together.
    • Samantha Domingo, cited in (Adams 2012).
  • Reading it [Rathbun's blog] had a therapeutic effect. It made me realise that I wasn't the only one with doubts. He reflected exactly what I was thinking.
    • Luis Garcia, cited in (Adams 2012).
  • Marty's blog is a forum for information. That's what makes it such a threat. He's not trying to be a leader of men, or take over the Church, or storm the castle walls. He's just a guy on the outside who wants to speak his mind.

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