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Blackburn in 2019

Marsha Blackburn (June 6, 1952 –) is an American politician and former businesswoman. A member of the Republican Party, she represents southwest Tennessee's 7th congressional district in the United States House of Representatives. She has served as chair on Subcommittee on Communications and the Internet since 2017.


  • President Obama says that conservatives hate women, that there’s a war on women, and that the only thing that women care about is birth control. Oh, Mr. President bless your heart. Which man in your administration came up with that one? Women aren’t a cheap date. Women want a little more out of life than contraceptives. Just the other day I got a call from a friend back home. She’s 64-years-old. She told me her insurance company contacted her to say that under Obamacare they would pay for contraceptives but not for her blood pressure medication. She told them to put it in writing so she could share it with her congressman.What women want is not free contraceptives. We want opportunity. We want all the potential of the American economy unlocked for us. We want the government to stay out of our way … stay out of our wallets... and stay out of our emails. We want to have choice. Not the type of choice that men in the Democratic Party talk about, but real choice.
  • If a President can enforce a part of a law and delay a part of a law, then does he have a power to not enforce any law he so chooses? If he can allow illegal aliens to freely run across our border, can he force legal citizens out of the country? Where would be the end of his power? We are a nation of laws with respect and recognition of the rule of law. We are not an imperialist government with a monarch abiding by the rule of one man.

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