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Martha Stewart

Martha Stewart (born August 3, 1941) is a television and magazine personality known for her cooking, gardening, etiquette, and arts and crafts projects, and as a general lifestyle guide and homemaker. She is also a successful businesswoman, an American icon, and a convicted felon.

On Charlie Rose, 15 September 1995[edit]

  • Stewart: Living. Living. Everyday living. At home, in the garden, around the house, with the kids, um, on vacation, and it has always been for me a very serious subject. But to persuade other people that it's a serious subject, not my readers, not my, not my followers, I don't want to call them followers, my friends, but to persuade...
  • Rose: But the world is full of Martha wannabes.
  • Stewart: Well, that's great because we're all trying to do the same thing. Live well.
  • On home and what's she's about: "It's a sense of security, a sense of being able to relax within the confines of your own world. Have your own world. That's what I'm about. Having some place to think, to do, to make, to enjoy."

Its a good thing - catchphrase

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