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Martian Gothic: Unification is a 2000 survival horror game, developed by Creative Reality and released on the PlayStation and PC. It is set on Mars, where a crew of three (Martin Karne, Diane Matlock, Kenzo Uji) have been set to investigate a long period of radio silence. They soon found that the dead crew members of the Mars base have been killed, and now become re-animated bloodthirsty zombies.



  • Three are coming, only two will leave.
  • The bad dreams will always be with us and, now and again, dreams come true.


  • [Examing a satsuma] It looks pretty fresh. [After eating it] It wasn't as fresh as it looked.
  • Is anyone around? Anyone alive? Or dead? If you're dead, don't answer.


  • Wrapper from an Olde Maide Countrie Cottage candy bar. I could lick off what's left, but I'm not that sort of guy.
  • Are you on something, Kenzo?
  • My lucky silver bullet. I wonder if there are any martian werewolves around?
  • I like it when a door opens.
  • How the heck did a password get into my watch? I've heard some strange stories about the main computer on this base...
  • Never liked them Brit games.


  • Lipstick. I'm too retro for my own good.

Ben Gunn[edit]

  • It was a long time ago, and besides the wench is dead. (Echoing the quote from the Jew of Malta play)

Base Recorders[edit]

  • There's a dead man hovering in front of me. I'll just walk on by.
  • If you send a manned craft, warn the crew; Stay alone. Stay alive.
  • We opened the box [Static follows] ON YOUR ORDERS!

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