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Martti Haavio and family

Martti Henrikki Haavio (22 January 1899, Temmes – 4 February 1973, Helsinki) was a Finnish poet, folklorist and mythologist, writing poetry under the pen name P. Mustapää.


  • My house rose overnight.
Who built it the Lord can name.
Did the black Axeman lend His might
To help in rearing the frame?
My house is cold and drear.
Its windows face the night.
Its chill and hopeless
fire Casts a frozen light.
My house stands still and lonely,
No door for friend or guest.
My house has two doors only:
One to dreams —
the other to death.
P. Mustapää, "The House" in: Martin Samuel Allwood (1950), 20th century Scandinavian poetry. p. 359

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