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Martyn Percy

Martyn William Percy (born 31 July 1962) is a Church of England priest and academic. He has been the Dean of Christ Church, Oxford, since October 2014, and was previously Principal of Ripon College Cuddesdon, Oxford.


Sex, Sense and Non-Sense for Anglicans (2015)[edit]

  • Lesbian, gay and bisexual Christians will not suffer discrimination in heaven. In the Kingdom of God, as faithful Christians, all enjoy a full and equal citizenship.
    • p. 8
  • To turn the Communion into a cheap replica of Orthodoxy – were such a feat even possible – would be to sell the very soul of Anglicanism. We need wisdom from the Archbishop that will help Anglicans find new unity; not more space to express greater individualisms.
    • p. 11

Quotes about Martyn Percy[edit]

  • Many have much to learn from the style of faith that Martyn Percy offers. He shows readers ways of making peace between competing communities of conviction, and provides salutary warnings to those who imagine that slight from the earthen vessels of institutional religion is the way out of such conflict.
    • Peter Cornwell, 'Quiet, please', The Times Literary Supplement (25 October 2013), p. 29
  • And everything you need to know about the Bible can be summed up by the great canon doctor Martyn Percy." Teabing cleared his throat and declared, "The Bible did not arrive by fax from heaven.

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