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Mary Poppins Returns is a 2018 musical live-action/animated film produced by Walt Disney Pictures and distributed by Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures. It is the sequel to the 1964 film Mary Poppins.

Directed by Rob Marshall. Written by David Magee.

Mary Poppins

  • Same thing that brought me the first time: I've come to look after the Banks children.
  • Everything is possible, even the impossible.
  • Nothing. Such a useful word, isn't it? It can mean anything and everything.



Michael: [after Georgie opens the door to reveal Mary Poppins's entrance; he stares partially open-mouthed] Mary...
Jane: Poppins! (Is that you?)
Mary Poppins: Close your mouth. Please, Michael, we are still not a codfish.
[he does so, then Jane giggles; briefly]
Mary Poppins: Jane Banks, still rather inclined to giggle, I see. [she sets her carpet bag down on a small couch]
Michael: Good heavens, it really is you! You seem hardly to have aged at all!
Mary Poppins: Really? How incredibly rude! One never discusses a woman's age, Michael. Would have hoped I taught you better.
Michael: I'm sorry, I didn't mean...
Jane: [cuts him off] You came back! I thought we'd never see you again.
Michael: It is wonderful to see you!
Mary Poppins: [primping herself in the mirror] Yes it 'tis, isn't it?

Mary Poppins: [singing] So, perhaps we've learnt when day is done, some stuff and nonsense could be fun!
Mary Poppins, Georgie Banks, Anabel Banks and John Banks: [all singing] Can you im-ag-ine that?


  • In a place we hold dear, where wonder once lived... but soon from above, a new story begins.
  • This Christmas, when you lose your way, just remember the magic always returns.
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