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Mass Effect is an action role-playing game developed by BioWare for Microsoft Windows and Xbox 360. The game takes place in the year 2183, with the player assuming the role of an elite human soldier named Commander Shepard, set out to explore a vast universe on his or her ship, the SSV Normandy.

”Many decisions lie ahead... none of them easy.”

Commander Shepard

  • It's not the severity of punishment that deters criminals - it's the certainty.


  • We impose order on the chaos of organic evolution. You exist because we allow it, and you will end because we demand it.


Asari Councilor: Commander Shepard - step forward.
Asari Councilor: It is the decision of the Council that you be granted all the powers and privileges of the Special Tactics and Reconnaissance branch of the Citadel.
Salarian Councilor: Spectres are not trained, but chosen. Individuals forged in the fire of service and battle; those whose actions elevate them above the rank and file.
Asari Councilor: Spectres are an ideal, a symbol. The embodiment of courage, determination, and self-reliance. They are the right hand of the Council, instruments of our will.
Turian Councilor: Spectres bear a great burden. They are protectors of galactic peace, both our first and last line of defense. The safety of the galaxy is theirs to uphold.
Asari Councilor: You are the first human Spectre, Commander. This is a great accomplishment for you and your entire species.

Kaidan Alenko/Ashley Williams: Ten-hut!
Rear Admiral Mikhailovich: At ease. Rear Admiral Mikhailovich, Fifth Fleet.
Commander Shepard: Commander Shepard, SSV Normandy.
Rear Admiral Mikhailovich: You don't know who I am, do you, Commander? I command the 63rd Scout Flotilla; you and the Normandy were slated for my unit after shakedown. Then the Council got their claws, paws, tentacles, whatever- they got them on our ship, and you.
Commander Shepard: Captain Anderson made it clear to me that my assignment came from way up in the brass. They say jump, I say how high.
Rear Admiral Mikhailovich: Remember that when I tell you to jump. I don't begrudge the politicians' decision to throw you to the Council. It's an- opportunity. I do begrudge this overdesigned piece of tin, though.
Commander Shepard: The Normandy is a fine ship, sir. She's served us well so far.
Rear Admiral Mikhailovich: It's a gimmick, Commander. Useless in a stand-up fight. This experiment diverted billions from our appropriations bills. For the same price, we could've had a heavy cruiser. But no, we had to make nice to the Turians, throw money at a co-developed boondoggle. I'm here to make an inspection, Commander. Normandy is an Alliance warship. I intend to see if she's up to snuff.
Commander Shepard: We'll be honored to show her to you, Admiral.
Rear Admiral Mikhailovich: I'll just bet. Wait here. I won't be long. [Rear Admiral Mikhailovich boards Normandy, then returns sometime later] Commander, I'm not happy.
Commander Shepard: What did you find out of order?
Rear Admiral Mikhailovich: Who designed that CIC? Putting the commander aft of everyone else is inefficient. What if he needs to discuss with the operators toward the bow?
Commander Shepard: Modified Turian style. They prefer commanders looking over their subordinates rather than in the middle of them. We wanted to see how effectively they can command with that setup.
Rear Admiral Mikhailovich: Hm. Reasonable goal. But they should've studied that in a lab rather than on a frontline warship. I had to shake my head at that drive core of yours. 120 billion credits of element zero to make this thing able to move without giving itself away. You realize we could make drive cores for twelve thousand fighters with that money? What good is it to hide for a few hours, anyway? Useless!
Commander Shepard: We can loiter in enemy systems and monitor traffic, or drop infiltration teams on enemy worlds. Normandy can be more effective than the Salarian STG.
Rear Admiral Mikhailovich: Maybe, maybe. But that's not the job of a proper warship. We're supposed to find and kill the enemy fleet, not count how many times their garrison goes to the bathroom. And we need to talk about your crew, Commander. Krogan? Asari? Turians?! What are you thinking, Commander? You can't allow alien nationals free access to Alliance equipment!
Commander Shepard: Between Saren and the Geth we have enough enemies out here. Treating other species with suspicion and distrust won't win hearts and minds.
Rear Admiral Mikhailovich: That assumes the hearts and minds are worth winning. That hasn't been proven yet. Do you have anything else to say, Commander? Any other justifications for the state of this vessel?
Commander Shepard: The Normandy is a good ship, sir. Even if you disagree, you have to see that her joint construction and multiracial crew make the Alliance look better.
Rear Admiral Mikhailovich: Your job is to look good, Commander. The Alliance Navy's, is to win wars. I'm not convinced Normandy isn't a waste of taxpayer money but I am convinced that you believe otherwise. And that you'll use it to its best ability. I will be submitting a report to the Joint Military Council. It will not be as... negative, as I had planned. Good hunting, Commander Shepard. Make us proud.


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