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Matariki is a 2010 New Zealand drama film about a random act of violence that leaves eight people in crisis, searching for hope and new beginnings, as the Matariki constellation (Maori New Year) rises in the Southern skies.

Directed by Michael Bennett. Written by Michael Bennett and Gavin Strawhan.
In the darkest night the stars still shine.


  • All this time, we are living, we are dying.


  • Brother... we have answered your call, we are here; your family, your friends, your wife. Our hearts throb and cry, and yet, we must let you follow the path of Tāne. We return your soul to your ancestors. And so... farewell, farewell, farewell... go to join those who are now celestial beings. Goodbye brother.


  • Lisa: This stupid cunt!
  • Jermaine: Ha?
  • Lisa: What the fuck are we gonna do every time, we wanna take the kid out? Nick another car?

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