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Mathabar Singh Thapa (1798 – 17 May 1845) was Prime Minister of Nepal between 1843 - 1845. He was first Mukhtiyar to title himself Prime Minister and Commander-in-Chief of Nepal.


Quotes about him[edit]

  • In this Durbar, Matabar Singh was as a lion among a pack of curs, every man trembled before him; they all barked loud enough now. The minister was a dangerous man, but he had very good points: much energy and considerable ability. It will be difficult to find such another man in Nepal.
  • It will be difficult to find such another man in Nepal.
  • The new Barracks he was building; if a monument to his folly, is also so of his skill and energy. In a fortnight, the much rough ground had been leveled and twenty-three large Barracks nearly completed. I have nowhere seen so judicious and economical system of working; nothing was lost. Instead of digging holes for earth for kutcha bricks, the earth was used for bricks, and a perfect level left where there had been only inequalities. Not a single water carrier was employed, but in all directions, drains were cut and streams were drained as required. All else was done with similar method and skill. Nepal has indeed lost her right arm and blind will be the Minister who takes his place.
  • in the prime of life...his[Bhimsen's] probable successor in the Ministry, frank, intelligent, well-bred, and free from all discreditable personal habits.

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