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Matthew Sanchez (March 2008)

Matthew Sanchez (born December 1, 1970) is an American journalist. He served as a Marine reservist and attained the rank of corporal. Sanchez was awarded the first Jeane Kirkpatrick Academic Freedom Award in March 2007 at the Conservative Political Action Conference.[1] As a result of media coverage at the conference, it was revealed that Sanchez had performed in gay pornographic films in the early 1990s.[2][3]


  • Most people in the university [ Columbia University ], including the administration, are very biased against the military.
    • Greenwald, Shlomo (May 17, 2006). "At Columbia, First ROTC Event Since '72". The New York Sun. 
  • There's no such thing as a gay Marine, or a Latino Marine, or a black Marine. It's just Marines. I think that's really important to say. I'm a Marine, first and foremost.
Matthew Sanchez in Afghanistan (July 2007)
  • Unlike any other player on the board, the press has no oversight, no mandate, few penalties, and even fewer consequences. Because there are not enough reporters on the ground, too many bureaus have outsourced both their reporting and standards to third party stringers whose spectacular videos of explosions and inflated body counts have shown up on both jihadist recruiting sites and American television screens, simultaneously.
  • Columbia students called me a baby killer, but remained silent for Ahmadinejad. I'm not sure if that was out of fear for the Iranian president or admiration.
    • Colon, Alicia (September 28, 2007). "Free Speech For All?". The New York Sun: p. 4. 
  • I joined the Corps not because I couldn't make it elsewhere or because I needed money to go to school. No signing bonus was going to turn me into a soldier. I became a Marine because I wanted to be among the best, just as I applied to Columbia because I wanted to be among the brightest. I knew both required a high price.
    • Patterson, Robert (February 26, 2008). War Crimes. Three Rivers Press. p. 39. ISBN 0307338274. 


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