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Auguste-Maurice Barrès (19 August 1862 – 4 December 1923) was a French novelist, journalist and politician.

  • "The reader collaborates with the author in every book", or "The reader is co-author in every book" (Tout livre a pour collaborateur son lecteur)[1]
  • "The individual is nothing, society is everything" (L'individu n'est rien, la société est tout).[2]
  • "Reality, it cannot be repeated too often, varies with every one of us."[3]
  • "There is no reality for me but pure thought. Minds alone are interesting."[4]
  • "A strange rage this modern mania to give a common manner to all minds and to destroy individuality."[5]
  • "Young men in meetings put in common nothing but their mediocrity."[6]
  • "What distinguishes an argument from a play upon words, is that the latter cannot be translated."[7]
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