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Maya & Miguel is an American animated television series that aired on PBS Kids Go! from 2004 to 2007. The show chronicles the adventures of 10-year-old Latino twins, Maya and Miguel Santos, as they figure out how to leave their stamp on the world around them, and features their relatives and diverse neighborhood friends.


The Autograph[edit]

Maya: He's getting away!
Miguel: Maya, he's not a criminal.

Tito's Mexican Vacation[edit]

Chrissy: Maya, have you ever heard the expression "less is more"?
Maya: That is so weird. Miguel said the same thing to me just this morning.

I've Got to Be Mi-Guel[edit]

Maya: Aah! You guys are driving me nuts!
Miguel: Not cool.
Tito: Not cool.
Paco: Definitely not cool.
Maya: I created a monster.

Maya: Miguel!
Tito: Not cool.
Abuela: Definitely not cool.

Miguel: [takes the keys before Maya could] I'm the oldest!
Maya: Yeah, by three minutes.

Tito's Pet[edit]

Maya: [about the chupacabra] It flew in the window and tried to grab Paco! But he fought back! Right, Pacquito?
Paco: [squawk] Si! Uh...Paco fight back!
Maya: He even got a piece of its wing! [shows paper cut-out and squeals as audience gasps] Now don't panic. The creature is probably going to fly back to Puerto Rico. But if I were you, I'd go home right now! Just in case!!

Chrissy: [about the chupacabra] Is it here in the store?
Maya: Uh, Maggie...uh, Chrissy, wait!
Andy: [enters] Where'd it park its spaceship?
Maya: Ooh. Spaceship?
Andy: Yeah! Didn't you know? Chupacabras come from another solar system?
Tito: Chupacabras?
Andy: Well, everyone's talking about it all over the neighborhood!
Chrissy: 5:00 at the community center, right?

Tito: But Freddy and Cesar are expecting a big monster with big wings and big eyes and big teeth!

Andy: A real live chupacabra?! That means a real UFO may be in our neighborhood! I'm posting this in the chat book right now!

Maya: [narrating] Getting scared can be fun, like when you're watching an old monster movie. But sometimes, even fun scares can turn out to be...well, a little too scary.

I Love Maya[edit]

[last lines of the series]
Maya: It's a funny thing about making a commitment. Even though sometimes you don't want to follow through. Once you do, you're glad you did.

Teacher's Pet[edit]

( alarm clock rings )

( caws, ticking and snoring )


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