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Maya is a 1966 American drama in Metrocolor and Panavision, the coming of age story of a young man in the jungles of India. It was directed by John Berry and starred Clint Walker, Jay North, and Sajid Khan.

Action that tears the screen apart!

Hugh Bowen[edit]

  • Once you're marked by the tiger, you're never the same.
  • [Terry Bowen: Are you glad I came, Dad?] Why shouldn't I be? You're my son.


Hugh: you look like your mother... got her eyes.
[Hugh looks at his son and misses his wife]
Terry: yeah but every one says I take after you...
[Terry responds in order to win over the affections of his father whom he is meeting after several years and is trying heard to develop a bond with]
Hugh Bowen: They do? huh?
[Unable to express his love for his son, Hugh looks aways and get busy trying to find a towel for his son to help him settle down in a new room]
Terry: Mother thought so too.
[Terry insists]


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