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Maya the Bee (promoted theatrically as Maya the Bee Movie) is a 2014 3D German-Australian computer-animated comedy adventure film directed by Alexs Stadermann, loosely based on the German children's book of the same name by Waldemar Bonsels. It was released theatrically in Australia on November 1 2014, and also in United States and Canada on March 8 2015.

Directed by Alexs Stadermann. Produced by Barbara Stephen and Thorsten Wegener. Written by Fin Edquist and Marcus Sauermann.


  • There's an old bee saying: "Stay in the hive; stay alive."
  • There's an old bee saying: "Don't make clubs with strange bugs."
  • There's an old bee saying: "You can always count on a friend. But I guess I got that one wrong too!"
  • Maya, not so fast! I forgot to tell you the most important bee saying of all: "You should always wait for Willy!"

Voice cast[edit]

  • Coco Jack Gillies as Maya, a cute and tomboyish young bee girl.
  • Kodi Smit-McPhee as Willy, Maya's best friend.
  • Richard Roxburgh as Flip, a grasshopper.
  • Justine Clarke as Miss Cassandra, teacher at the bee school and Maya's mother figure.
  • Jacki Weaver as Buzzlina Von Beena, the royal counselor of the beehive, Maya's arch-enemy.
  • Andy McPhee as Hank, the leader of hornets, Sting's father, Bees friends and former arch-rivals.
  • Miriam Margolyes as The Queen, the leader of Bees (and current Hornets later on).
  • David Collins as Arnie, an ant soldier, Paul's right-hand.
  • Shane Dundas as Barney, an ant soldier, Arnie's partner and Paul's right-hand.
  • Jimmy James Eaton as Paul, an ant colonel, the leader of ants.
  • Heather Mitchell as The Nurse, chief of the worker bees.
  • Noah Taylor as Crawley, the hilariously bumbling of the beehive, The Queen's loyal assistant and Buzzlina’s former henchman.
  • Cameron Ralph as Momo, a moth.
  • Glenn Fraser as Kurt, a dung beetle.
  • Heather Mitchell as Thekla, a spider.
  • Stavroula Mountzouris as Lara, a ladybug, Willy's love interest.
  • Sam Haft as Drago, a dragonfly.
  • Uncredited as Big Tongue, a Green Frog.
  • Uncredited as Eek, a Bat.

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