Maynard Owen Williams

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Maynard Owen Williams

Maynard Owen Williams (September 12, 1888 – June 1963) became the first National Geographic foreign correspondent in 1919.


  • The uniform of polish uhlan makes even the youngest, inexperienced boy looks like he's made from steel.
    • National Geographic, august 1926
  • There is drama in the very air of the place, and I want to be there recording it for the Geographic.
  • It is costing much money here, a thing I regret. But you will get your money's worth. My legs curse you. But my heart says 'Thank you'.
    • from a letter to John Oliver la Gorce, the Geographic's assistant editor (1923)
  • Never grieve for me if it is my good fortune to die with my boots on. That's what I most hope for.
    • in a letter to Gilbert Grosvenor, editor of the National Geographic (1948)

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