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Mazovia – historical and geographical region located in Central Poland.


  • Mazovia. Sand, Vistula and the forest.
    Mi Mazovia. Smooth, far away -
    under stems of humming stars,
    under the river of pine trees.
  • Oh, how beautiful land is our Mazovia!
    There be clean water, and air fresher!
    Bigger Pine trees and girls prettier,
    People stronger and sky is brighter.
    • Teofil Lenartowicz, Just as in Mazovia, a poem published in a periodical Szkółka dla Dzieci ("Schoolie for children"), nr 1 (1850).
  • Hey Pole, know
    resolute Mazovians;
    Ready for a fight.
    In war and in peace
    Beside their short height,
    Laughing, they can beat.

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