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Meet Dave is a 2008 American family comedy film, directed by Brian Robbins and starring Eddie Murphy. The film was released by 20th Century Fox and Regency Enterprises on July 11, 2008.

There's a Whole Other World Going on Inside of Him.(taglines)

Dave Ming Chang[edit]

  • [greeting various people inside the Old Navy store] Welcome to Old Navy!


[In an alley outside Gina's apartment sometime after she hits Dave with her car.]
Gina: Hi, are you all right? Because you just ran off!
Captain: Contact, everyone! Our first verbal encounter! [into microphone] Thank you for your concern.
Dave: [speaks with extremely high pitch; bottles explode in background] Thank you for your concern.
Captain: It's way too high! More bass!
Dave: [speaks in extremely low pitch] Thank you for your concern.
Captain: Level the frequency!
Dave: [speaking perfectly] I'm all better now.
Josh: [to Gina] How hard did you hit this guy?

Gina: [Dave is looking at a picture of Gina's late husband] Captain?
Dave: Yes?
Gina: That's my husband. He was a captain with the Navy.
Dave: I am a captain.
Gina: Really? A captain of what?
[Inside the ship, Number 3 looks something up.]
Dave: I am a captain of crunch.

Police Sergeant: Knox, Dooley. Got a report on some kind of fireball or something like that over on Liberty Island? Check it out.
Dooley: A fireball? Ho, we'll get right on it.
Knox: Sarge, can't you get somebody else to handle it? Come on, we just pulled an all-nighter.
Police Sergeant: [sarcastically] Aw. I'm so sorry, Mr. Knox. Tell you what, lie down in my office and I'll come by with your blankie and you can get yourself a nice nap.

Dooley: Come on, this is going to be great. A fireball? How often do we get a call like that?
Knox: Do me a favor, okay? Act like a cop and stop caring.

Captain: I am Dave Ming Chang.
Cultural Officer #3: I am Dave Ming Chang.
Various crew members: I am Dave Ming Chang.
Security Officer #4: And I am Johnny Dazzles! And I am fabulous!
[Everyone stares at him.]
Security Officer #4: What? Not everyone has to be Dave Ming Chang.


  • Eddie Murphy in Eddie Murphy in Meet Dave
  • There's a Whole Other World Going on Inside of Him.
  • He's A Spaceship... And Out of This World!


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