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Meet the Raisins! is a 1988 claymation television special directed by Will Vinton, featuring the advertising characters The California Raisins. The show was broadcast November 4, 1988, on the U.S. television network CBS during primetime. It was the Raisins' second appearance in a primetime special and their first dedicated feature. Meet the Raisins! would be followed by a sequel in 1990, Raisins: Sold Out!.


  • I just remember we were so poor, we couldn't afford words.
  • That was the most painful experience of my life! Until now.


AC: That guy had a glass-shattering voice.
Red: It was the tight pants.
Stretch: Had to be the pants...

Dan Raddish: The unemployment rate sky-rocketed to an all time high last month. Experts blame the job shortage on the rising popularity of waxed fruits. As a result, thousands of apples and pears have been canned. For K V E G news break, I'm Dan Raddish.

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