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Mega Man Legends is a action adventure third person shooter Playstation video released by Capcom in 1997. After exploring another ancient ruin dotting the surface of the flooded earth, Megaman Volnutt and his family find themselves crash landing their airship on Kattleox island. After defending the island from pirates, he learns they are looking for a mysterious lost treasure.


Narrator: In a world covered by endless water... People are forced to eke out a living on the small patches of land that remain above the sea... The people of this world rely on ancient technology driven by quantum refractors, a powerful energy source. These refractors lie in ancient ruins underground and in the sea, and are sought out by explorers called 'Diggers'... These brave explorers are the sole source of refractor energy -- which has become a cornerstone of the emerging civilizations. Originally, this was the Diggers' only purpose -- to find refractors so that civilization might endure... However, over the years, the story of a fabulous treasure, the legendary 'Mother Lode', began to be whispered among the Diggers... The Mother Lode -- a treasure so great that were it discovered, it would provide so much power that the world never need fear running out of energy... Seeking this Mother Lode, Diggers travel from one island to another in their flying machines, ever hoping that they'll find what they seek just over the horizon... Hope... Despair... Charity... Greed... Duty... Power... Who can say what truly motivates the Diggers?

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