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Megadeth is an American thrash metal band led by Dave Mustaine.


Killing is My Business... and Business Is Good![edit]

The Skull Beneath the Skin[edit]

  • "Prepare the patients scalp, To peel away/Metal caps his ears, He'll hear not what we say/Solid steel visor, Riveted cross his eyes/Iron staples close his jaws, So no one hears his cries."
  • A dose of metal you need
    to bang your head 'til you bleed
    It's time for snapping some neck
    Slashing, thrashing to Megadeth.
    • Rattlehead

Peace Sells... but Who's Buying[edit]

Wake Up Dead[edit]

  • "I sneak in my own house, it's four in the morning. I slip into bed. I know if I wake her I'll wake up... dead!"

The Conjuring[edit]

  • "Don't summon the devil/Don't call the priests/If you need the strength/The conjuring."

Peace Sells[edit]

  • "What do you mean, "I don't believe in god?" / I talk to him everyday."
  • "What do you mean, "I ain't kind?" / I'm just not your kind..."
  • "What do you mean, "I hurt your feelings"? / I didn't know you had any feelings."
  • "If there’s a new way / I’ll be the first in line. / But, it better work this time."
  • "Peace sells but who's buying?"

Good Mourning/Black Friday[edit]

  • "Killer, intruder, homicidal man/If you see me coming run as fast as you can/A bloodthirsty demon who's stalking the street/I hack up my victims like pieces of meat."
  • "A merciless butcher who lives underground/I'm out to destroy and I will cut you down."
  • "It's Black Friday/Paint the devil on the wall."

My Last Words[edit]

  • "Take another drink and raise the last bets/Think about my last words/they might be what I just said."
  • "You, you!/Next victim!/You, next to die."
  • "You, come on!/Next victim!/Your turn to die!"

So Far, So Good... So What![edit]

  • If I know I'm going crazy
    I must not be insane.

In My Darkest Hour[edit]

  • "Loneliness is not only felt by fools"
  • "Did you ever think I get lonely? / Did you ever think that I needed love? / Did you ever think? Stop thinking! / You're the only one that I'm thinking of"

Rust In Peace[edit]

Holy Wars... The Punishment Due[edit]

  • "Brother will Kill Brother, spilling Blood across the Land / Killing for Religion, Something I don't Understand"
  • "Next thing you know they'll take my thoughts away"
  • "Because I don't say it, don't mean I ain't thinkin' it"

Hangar 18[edit]

  • "Military intelligence; two words combined that can't make sense."
  • "Possibly I've seen too much/Hangar 18 I know too much"

Take No Prisoners[edit]

  • "Don't ask what you can do for your country/ Ask what your county can do for you"
  • "Take no prisoners/ Cremate them!"

Rust in Peace...Polaris[edit]

  • "I rule on land, air and sea/Pass judgment on humanity/Winds blow from the bowels of hell/Will we give warnings, only time will tell"
  • "I spread disease like a dog/Discharge my payload/A mile high Rotten egg air of death/Wrestles your nostrils"
  • "Launch the Polaris/The end doesn't scare us/When will this cease/The warheads will all rust in peace!"
  • "Eradication of Earth's Population/Loves Polaris"

Countdown to Extinction[edit]

Captive Honour[edit]

  • "And when you kill a man, you're a murderer. Kill many, and you're a conqueror. Kill them all, you're a god."

Symphony of Destruction[edit]

  • "You take a mortal man, and put him in control. Watch him become a god. Watch people's heads a roll."
  • "Just like the Pied Piper, led rats through the streets. We dance like marionettes, swaying to the symphony of destruction."

Sweating Bullets[edit]

  • "Hello me, meet the real me."
  • "Feeling paranoid, True enemy or false friend?/Anxiety's attacking me and My air is getting thin/I'm in trouble for the things, I haven't got to yet/I'm chomping at the bit and my Palms are getting wet"
  • "Feeling claustrophobic, Like the walls are closing in/Blood stains on my hands and I don't know where I've been/I'm in trouble for the things, I haven't got to yet/I'm sharpening the axe and my Palms are getting wet"
  • "Sweating bullets."
  • "Once you committed me/Now you've aquitted me/Claiming validity/For your stupidity"


À Tout Le Monde[edit]

  • "À Tout Le Monde / À tout mes amis / Je vous aime / Je dois partir"
  • "If my heart was still alive. I know it would surely break."
  • Don't remember where I was / I realized life was a game / The more seriously I took things / The harder the rules became
  • I had no idea what it'd cost / My life passed before my eyes / I found out how little I accomplished / All my plans denied....

New World Order[edit]

Train of Consequences[edit]

  • "Set the ball a-rollin, / I'll be clicking off the miles, / On the train of consequences / My boxcar life o' style, / My thinking is derailed, / I'm tied up to the tracks, / The train of consequences / There ain't no turning back!"

Hidden Treasures[edit]

99 Ways to Die[edit]

  • "Down another glass of courage, and a shot of thorazine"

Cryptic Writings[edit]

Almost Honest[edit]

  • "Living alone, falling from grace / I want to atone, but there’s just empty space / I can’t face tomorrow, now you’re not coming back / Walked off in the night and just left me the tracks" - Almost Honest (Cryptic Writings)



  • "My head is talking to me, I don't know what it needs / But the loudest voice is the one that I heed"

Prince of Darkness[edit]

  • "My victims are rich or poor, young or old, strong or weak / I cause millions of accidents, I am cancer in your bones / I fathered the lie, twist what you say, speak not the truth / I am insidious, impartial, deep inside your chromosomes"
  • "I am more powerful than all the armies of the world / I am more violent than violence, more deadly than death / I have destroyed more men than all the nation's wars / I am relentless, unpredictable, waiting for your last breath"

I'll Be There[edit]

  • "I'll be there for you, when you walk through the fire / I'll be there for you when the flames get higher / When nothing fits, and nothing seems right / To the very last breath of my life / I'll be there for you"
  • "In my hour of need, you were there, always. And now it's time for me to be there for you too, always."
  • I'm an outcast, with lightning in my hand
    I have wanderlust, lost in no man's land.
    • Wanderlust

The System Has Failed[edit]

The Scorpion[edit]

  • "As I climb onto your back, I will promise not to sting / I will tell you what you want to hear and not mean anything / Then I treat you like a dog, as I shoot my venom in / You pretend you didn't know, that I am a scorpion"

Back in the Day[edit]

  • "This is our way of life / A life that was born free / To follow orders how to live / Was never meant to be"
  • "Metal's king back then / And still is to this day / Others imitate or challenge / But it never goes away"

United Abominations[edit]

Washington is Next![edit]

  • "Disengage their minds, Sabotage their health / Promote Sex and war and violence in the kindergardens / Blame the parents and teachers .. Its their fault"
  • "How can there be any logic in biological war?"

United Abominations[edit]

  • "You may bury the bodies, But you cant bury the crimes / Only fools stand up and really lay down their arms / No not me, not when death lasts forever"
  • "The U.N. is right, you can't be anymore 'un' / than you are right now, the U.N. is undone. / Another mushroom cloud, another smoking gun / The threat is real, the locust king has come."



  • "The ex-president signed a secret bill/ That can land a legal U.S. citizen in jail / And the Patriot Act stripped away our constitutional rights / They say a concentration camp just popped up. Yeah, right!"
  • Destroying every town, Light it up and burn it down
    You may not like it now, but this is how the story ends.
    • How the Story Ends
  • Poison the well and scorch the earth, Everything slashed and burned.
    • How the Story Ends


Sudden Death[edit]

  • "Your sudden death from above!"

Public Enemy No. 1[edit]

  • "Public enemy number one / jailbreak and a smoking gun / you wont believe the things I've done / and the killing is just for fun"
  • "Public enemy number one / a stolen car and I'm on the run / through the night til the rising sun / and the trouble has just begun"
  • "I'm invincible / you might say despicable / punishments reciprocal / public enemy number one!"
  • "I'm unbeatable / my minds untreatable / crimes unrepeatable / public enemy number one!"


  • "Thirteen times, and its been lucky for me."
  • Because I've stood here 13 times, and I'm still alive!"

i like crack.

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