Megamind: The Button of Doom

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Megamind: The Button of Doom is a computer animated short film released on February 25, 2011, starring Will Ferrell and David Cross.


[The mini movie begins in a close-up of Megamind's face as the camera pulls back away from him]
Megamind: [first lines] Citizens of Metrocity, long have I waited to give you your just desserts. Prepare to face the unbridled wrath of… my fantastic bargains! [raises his arms to the multiple screens showing a logo reading "Evil Lair Yard Sale", then laughs. The crowd cheers] Welcome! Welcome, citizens of Metrocity, to the Evil Lair Yard Sale! As you know, this is my first day as defender of Metrocity. And now that I'm no longer evil, I no longer need things that do evil. [gives a boy a teddy bear which sprouts metal spikes and its eyes glow blue. On its mouth, two smaller spikes resemble pointed teeth]
Boy: A Terror Teddy. Awesome!
Megamind: Excellent choice. Now, let the browsing commence! Minion, we're gonna need more petty cash. [Minion approaches with something hiding behind a chalkboard] Uh, what's behind there, Minion?
Minion: Hmm, nothing.
[A large spider-like robot with nine red eyes knocks the chalkboard away]
Megamind: Aha! I knew it!
Minion: Please, please, please. Can't we just keep the spider-bot?
Megamind: Minion, heroes don't drive around in creepy spee-ider-bots.
[The spider-bot sadly stalks away]
Minion: See? Now you've hurt its feelings. Spider-bot, come here.
[Megamind does a face-palm as Minion tries to call Spider-bot. A boy in a blue shirt plays with Megamind's dehydration gun as if pretending to shoot lasers]
Damien's Mom: Damien, we don't play with laser guns.
Damien: Come on, Mom!
Damien's Mom: Put it back this instant!
Megamind: Madame, he's merely expressing himself. [Damien blows a raspberry at his mother] Hahahaha! Besides, it's not a laser gun, it's a dehydration… [Blue light from the gun shoots onto Damien's mother, turning her into a small glowing cube] …gun. [Looking down at the cube, he picks it up] Uh, just soak her in some water, not the toilet. She'll be fine. [gives Damien the cube]
Damien: That's so cool.
Megamind: Yes. Uh, free donuts with every billion-dollar purchase!

[After Megamind sells all of his evil stuff to the citizens of Metro City]
Megamind: Fantastic. The place is already looking less evil.
Minion: Sir. Now that we've got rid all of your "evil things", how are we gonna protect Metro City?

[After Minion found a box with a red button, Megamind presses it and the box hovers. The button changes to a holographic device]
Megamind: Whoops!
Minion: Oh, dear.
[A projection shows Megamind's head]
Projection Megamind Head: Greetings, hero. You've just unleashed an unspeakable evil upon Metrocity, and you're really, really not gonna like it.

[After the Megamind projection head activated a giant robot resembling the real Megamind]
Megamind: Don't move. I think I remember what it is. It's my favorite! [he and Minion look over at the robot] It's the Mega-Megamind.
Mega-Megamind: Ollo!
Megamind: I transferred my evil personality into a giant robot. Man, I do good work.
Minion: Really terrific stuff, but we should probably turn it off.
[From its point of view, the Mega-Megamind looks down at Megamind and Minion]
Mega-Megamind: White suit, white cape. If it isn't my old friend, Metro Man.
[Words reading "Metro Man: Identified" and "Destroy" appear on Megamind, who looks confused. Question marks appear on Minion]
Minion: Haha! He thinks you're Metro Man.
Megamind: Well, I am defender of Metrocity now. This is the perfect time for me to debut my super-suit.

Mega-Megamind: Are you a chicken? Bok, bok, bok, bok, bok!

Megamind: Oh, we're in trouble, Minion! I programmed it never to stop until it eliminates a hero! It's out there, searching for me.
Mega-Megamind: Where are you, hero?
Minion: Is it searching for me too?
Mega-Megamind: And your mysterious, who's dressed as Minion for some reason?
[Minion ducks down]
Megamind: But don't worry, we can live in here from now on. The Brain-bots can bring us snacks.
Minion: Sir, that is crazy. We're gonna have to face this thing eventually.

Megamind: OK, Minion, on my marco.
Mega-Megamind: I hate spee-iders. [grunts]
Megamind: Marco! [The Mega-Megamind launches Spider-bot with Megamind]
Minion: Polo! [activates the death ray]
Mega-Megamind: OH, NO!
[The Mega-Megamind is blown up. Megamind laughs victoriously and watches the explosion]
Megamind: Goodbye, old me.
[Back in the lair, Minion smiles proudly]
Minion: We did it! We did it!
Megamind: Yes, we did, Minion. Now, let's go get the rest of our evil stuff back.
[Spider-bot trots back to the lair. Nighttime, in an apartment, several kids have a party with a banner reading "No More School!" with a drawing of Damien. Nearby, their parents, now dehydrated cubes, sit in a glass bowl on a small table]
Boy #1: No more school! [digs his face into a cake]
Boy #2: We're free!
Girl #1: No parents!
Girl #2: Food fight!
Girl #3: Freedom!
[A boy writes "Booger" with a smiley face on top with a blue crayon on the wall]
Boy #3: Booger! Hahahaha!
[Holding Megamind's dehydration gun, Damien gazes at the cubes]
Damien: With our parents dehydrated, we can rule Metro City! Yes!
[The other kids cheer, then they all gape as the door bursts open, and Megamind and Minion enter with smug looks on their faces]
Megamind: Not today or any other day, my sugar-fueled friend.
[Damien looks worried as Megamind and Minion loom over him]
Damien: Oh, my goodness.
Minion: I'll take that. Thank you very much. [With his robotic hand seen on the camera, he takes the dehydration gun from Damien]
Megamind: I'd normally cart your heinies downtown, and I have a feeling that your parents will offer you a far more severe punishment. A glass of water, Minion, if you please. [Holding the glass bowl in one hand and a glass of water in the other, he smirks at Damien. The kids gasp]
Kids: [slow-motion] No!!
[In slow-motion, the kids run as one dehydrated cube falls into the glass of water. Just before Damien can catch it, the cube burst into brilliant white light. Later, Megamind and Minion exit the apartment]
Minion: Well, sir, the weapons of justice are back where they belong. [hands Megamind his dehydration gun]
Megamind: Let's just hope the city is ready for me.
Minion: I say it is, sir.
Megamind: Look! [They see a light shining in the sky with Megamind's logo] They made me my own signal!
Minion: "Us." They made us our own signal. [sobs]
Megamind: Oh! Pull yourself together, Minion! Now, make a note. It needs to be a lot bigger.
Minion: Yes, sir.
Megamind: Let's go patrol, heroically!
Megamind and Minion: YAY!
[They get into the invisible car and drive off]
Megamind: Oh, what fun!


  • Will Ferrell — Megamind and Mega-Megamind
  • David Cross — Minion
  • Michelle Belforte Hauser — Damien's Mom
  • Jordan Alexander Hauser — Damien
  • Kevin N. Bailey — Kevin
  • Dante James Hauser — Nigel
  • Declan James Swift — Peter
  • Fintan Thomas Swift — Barney
  • Frank Welker — Brainbots and Spider-bot

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