Megamind: The Button of Doom

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Megamind: The Button of Doom is a computer animated short film released on February 25, 2011, starring Will Ferrell and David Cross.


Megamind: Oh, we're in trouble, Minion! I programmed it never to stop until it eliminates a hero! It's out there, searching for me...
Mega-Megamind: Where are you, hero?
Minion: Is it searching for me too?
Mega-Megamind: And your mysterious, who's dressed as Minion for some reason?
[Minion ducks down]
Megamind: But don't worry, we can live in here from now on! The Brain-bots can bring us snacks...
Minion: Sir, that is CRAZY! We're going to have to face this thing eventually!

Megamind: On my marko... MARKO!
[He leaps clear of the Mega-Megamind]
Minion: POLO!
[He activates the death ray]
Mega-Megamind: [last words before his death] OH NO!
[The Mega-Megamind is blown up]
Megamind: Goodbye, old me!

[last lines]
Megamind: Let's go patrol, heroically!
Megamind and Minion: YAY!
[They get into the invisible car and drive off]
Megamind: Oh, what fun!


  • Will Ferrell - Megamind and Mega-Megamind
  • David Cross - Minion
  • Michelle Belforte Hauser - Concerned Mother
  • Jordan Alexander Hauser - Damien
  • Kevin N. Bailey - Kevin
  • Dante James Hauser - Nigel
  • Declan James Swift - Peter
  • Fintan Thomas Swift - Barney

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