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Mehdi Akhavān-Sāles or Akhavān-Sāless (1928, Mashhad, Iran — 1990, Tehran, Iran), pen name M. Omid (م. امید, Hope) was a prominent Iranian poet. He is one of the pioneers of Free Verse (New Style Poetry) in Persian language.


  • Your greetings they'll ignore.
With their heads resting on their chests,
They seek warmth from their breasts,
None affords to lift a head to greet the guests.
Vision is limited,
The road's dark and slick.
Your extended friendly hand is refused,
Not because they are confused;
They rather keep their hands where they are warmed.
It is frightfully cold. Do not be alarmed...
  • The breath coming out of your chest
Turns into a dark cloud
And stands like a wall
In front of your eyes
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