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"Sing until the city becomes a women's song; Until this homeland, becomes a home-land."

Mehdi Yarrahi (born 14 November 1981) is a Iranian singer and songwriter that was arrested for supporting the protesters against Iranian government.

Song lyrics

  • Im the last martyr of this tribe
    The tribe that has no bread, no water
    The tribe that a lot of its matyrs dont have any grave
    • "Pare Sang", 2018
  • Take your head out from under the yoke of slavery
    And sing the hymn of life
    Break the longing you have
    Tell with the whole world
    Let go, let go, Don't miss your dreams
    • "Soroode Zendegi", 2022.
  • Sing until the city becomes a women's song
    Until this homeland, becomes a home land.
    • "Soroode Zan", 2022
  • Take off your scarf,
    the sun is going to set
    Take off your scarf,
    will make the air all right
    Take off your scarf,
    make the hair re… re… released
    • "Roosarito", 2023
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